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  Tue 1st Mar 2011 Newsletter # 1
Welcome to the Itchee Feet Newsletter with our latest news, tips and give-aways.
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Meet the Feet!

Bella and Burton Feet are being raised all over the world. They might not go looking for trouble, but it always finds them. Coming soon from Itchee Feet is an exciting new series that follows the unusual adventures of these 10-year-old twins as they travel the world. Bella and Burton's Misadventures: Australia, Japan and China... all coming soon.

This Month's Hot Spots

Sydney's top 5 swimming spots for kids
IF Top 5 Ballina swimming spots… for kids

25 Tips

1. RELAX: Kids take their cues from their parents. If it's that stressful, then why bother leaving home?

2. PLAN: Remember, you don't need to see everything. Choose what's important and forget about the rest.

3. CONSIDER: Each family member will have different needs and interests, especially if there is a varying age range. While an older child might be interested in a museum, a younger child might need time outdoors. Take this into consideration as you plan your trip. But then...

4. BE FLEXIBLE: A plan is great, but be ready to toss it at a moment's notice. Flexibility and spontaneity are wonderful travel partners.

5. PRE-TRIP PICS: Take a couple of shots of the kids on your camera prior to leaving. That way, if they ever get lost, you have handy headshots to show people.

6. TRAVEL EMAIL: Open a Yahoo or Gmail account and email all your travel details, scanned receipts, confirmation and emergency details to yourself. Scan your licence and passports and email those to that account. Also email some up-to-date photos of each family member travelling. Now give the account password to any adults or responsible teens travelling in the group, as well as a contact back home.

7. AND ONE FOR YOU: Print out all the above, put it in an envelope and pack it. It's going with you.

8. PORTABLE NAUGHTY CORNER: Make sure you and your partner agree in advance about how you'll deal with bad behaviour. Punishment needs to be consistent and parents need to be a unified force… at home and on the road.

9. FESTIVAL FUN: Go online and search for any special events or festivals that might be on during your trip. Festivals are a great way to meet locals.

10. FACTS NOT FICTION: Don't listen to the opinions of people who have never travelled. “I've heard that Auckland is extremely dangerous for children…” Speak to friends who do travel. Visit forums such as Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree and chat to parents who are actively out there, travelling with kids, and know the realities of that.

11. LOCALS KNOW BEST: Go online and check out the local newspapers at your destination. It's here you'll find the things the tourist information centres don't want you to know… from bad weather updates to crime.

12. TRAVEL LIGHT: Pack, halve it… and then halve it again. Lugging a large suitcase around is not relaxing! I have a theory that whatever you need for a weekend is what you can live with for a month. Unless you're going skiing, a small bag filled with mix and match clothes will suffice. Read our online post about travelling light!

13. FOR SHOPAHOLICS: Pack a small tote bag in your luggage. This can be used to carry all your shopping home.

14. SHARE THE LOAD: Have one shampoo, one conditioner, one tube of toothpaste, one soap to share… and each family member carries one each.

15. 15: CURRENCY KIDS: Familiarise your kids with the currency. It not only makes them more self-sufficient, but currency is a glimpse into the history and culture.

16. CREATE A COLLAGE: Cut out pictures that symbolize the destination to you from magazines, or draw your own, and glue them on a piece of cardboard. This gives you a good idea of how your child is visualizing the trip.

17. SWAT YOUR SPOT: Visit your local library and find some books on your destination. Choose some fiction and non-fiction books. Rent some DVDs that are set there. Listen to some local music. Look at your destination on a map of the world. Search the Internet and find pictures of children in other countries. What do they wear?

18. JUNIOR MASTER CHEF: Cook a traditional treat from the region you're visiting. Going somewhere with some strange culinary tastes? Check the more unusual delicacies out online.

19. FOR THE RECORD: A disposable camera is a great gift for your kids while on the road. They get to record the journey through their eyes, and it doesn't really matter if they lose it.

20. KEEPSAKES: Pack a plastic see-through folder for each child to store any flyers, tickets or other info that they want to put into a scrapbook later.

21. A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE: Get each child to pack a small gift for a future friend. Apart from being a nice gesture, It motivates them to get out there and meet one too.

22. PORTABLE SECURITY: Sleep is important, especially for parents travelling alone. Pack a rubber doorstop. It can provide extra security for a hotel room door, and give you the peace of mind you need to sleep.

23.SURVIVAL FOODS: Pack an emergency back up meal such as a couple of small tins of baked beans or some 2-minute noodles. Also, think bananas… they are mother Natures gift to the parents of fussy eaters.

24.NOT JUST FOR BUSINESS: At your destination, place a business card from the hotel in your child's pocket.

25. TEN-WORD TOURIST: My son and I invented this term, figuring some words in a local language are always better than none. The locals appreciate the effort, no matter how shocking. So if you're travelling OS, and they speak a different language, learn ten words. Try it.

Another 25 Tips in the next Newsletter


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Travel Advice
5 questions for Aunt Alice

IF: Alice Winterbottom travelled the world with her kids in tow, long before any of us were even born. If anyone knows about travel with kids, it's Aunt Alice. "Alice, what's the one thing you can't travel without?"

AA: A sturdy pair of boots.

IF: Do you use any particular travel guides?

AA: I have a couple of local guides I always call upon when I'm in certain parts of Asia and the Middle East.

IF: I mean like Rough Guides?

AA: I agree one of them could do with a wash, but I wouldn't call him rough.

IF: What's your favourite destination?

AA: The next one I'm going to visit.

IF: Oh really, where's that?

AA: I mean that metaphorically, not literally.

IF: And finally… Any tips for travelling with kids.

AA:Yes, remember it's their journey too. Don't fill the itinerary with all the things you think they should see and do… Let them work it out for themselves. That was six questions… not five…

IF: Sorry.

Contact Aunt Alice with any travel queries
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