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Welcome to our second Aspect IT newsletter – The View!  We are a little late with this release but that's due to us being so busy helping our customers with their IT.

Web Site Developments

We have recently completed a new web site for Environmental Evaluation.  

This web site was developed in WordPress and provides a great interface for the web site owners to update their own content.   Check out our web site case study for full details on the project.

We can also integrate e-commerce solutions into WordPress and will update our case study page when we have completed our latest projects.  

Actinic Business is our normal e-commerce choice as it links directly into Sage Accounts, but not everyone needs this feature and WordPress provides a feature rich web-based solution.

Aspect and The Cloud

Our customers have recently been asking us all about The Cloud.   Well the Cloud is a term that is passed around quite a lot and can mean numerous different things, therefore we have written a blog providing an overview of the Cloud (a link is on the right of this email).

We provide lots of different Cloud based solutions and know how to apply it correctly for genuine business benefits. If you are interested in learning more then get in touch.

Cutting IT?

Times of austerity, spending cuts, strikes, councils turning off street lights.  The global economic down turn has had major implications on all businesses and cost reduction exercises are on every managers agenda.

One way many companies reduce their costs is by reducing spending on IT; not updating equipment and holding off on new projects or initiatives.  However this can have a detrimental effect on your business.  

Now there are ways of cutting your IT costs, both directly; unnecessary equipment  purchases, reducing printing costs, more home working, and in-directly; reduced power and energy consumption through better equipment efficiency, new computer systems to improve efficiency.

There are some items we would always advise against cutting, like your anti-virus subscriptions, not replacing failing equipment and backups.

Computer security and backups should never be compromised.

Therefore if you are thinking of cutting your IT expenditure, then do so wisely and ask our advice, the last thing you would want to do is stop your backup service and then find out you have deleted an important file.

Latest Blogs

Cloud Overview

The ‘Cloud’ is one of the latest buzz words in IT at the moment, all major service providers seem to establishing a cloud to provide their customers with a new way to use the internet.   With the arrival of Apple’s ‘iCloud’ the term will only get used more and more.  [read more]


I was hoping to write about the latest iPhone5 or new iPad.  However the IOS5 has kept me happy for the time being with the new features, which have also been made available to older Apple devices.  [read more]

Sage Mobile - Data Overload?

Sage have released Sage Accounts 50 2012.   What’s new about that I hear you ask, don’t Sage release a new version every year?

Well this version includes a mobile application for iPhone and Blackberry.  [read more]

Data on the Move?

Is your data on the move?  Do you take your laptop, tablet or storage device away from the office or school?  If you answered yes then you need to ensure your equipment and data is secure.      [read more]


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