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True Power is within, and it is available now.
                                                                                ~ Eckhart Tolle
This month we examine the power of ‘now’, the context of the present moment and the realm of possibility contained within it. We also debate what separates spontaneous behaviour from impulsiveness and how we use the ‘now’ to pursue our exalted destiny, our life’s purpose.

Are you being spontaneous or impulsive?

Being in the moment, the ‘now’ implies being alert and responsive to every moment. But this approach might sometimes disrupt our meticulously detailed plans or agendas.
For some, that would mean relinquishing control of the future and exposing yourself to ridicule or judgement. On the other hand, living according to a regimented plan would imply curbing your natural enthusiasm and creativity or might even prevent you from...


Eternal Sunshine of
a Spotless mind


This beautiful line originally surfaced in a poem by Alexander Pope, entitled "Eloisa to Abelard" and later also figured as the name of a well-known Hollywood movie.
For me, this line exemplifies the state of mind of a person living in the now; a place where the future and the past cease to exist, where the burden of your memories and expectations no longer limit or constrain you in any way. You act with complete awareness and...

Power of Intention
and Focus


In today’s vlog for the letter N, Azim talks about the importance of tending each moment with the complete power of your intention and focus, and not hindering its potentiality by burdening it with the past or future. Because the moment is what we have in this world and its magic can be unleashed only when we attend to it with our totality.
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"How can I enjoy the present moment when I’m so worried about my future?"

AZIM: If by worrying you are going to resolve or enhance something in the future, then by all means, worry. But the fact remains that worry by itself is an ineffectual emotion. It not only wastes time but also distracts you from responding to the present moment. In other words, worry is mere indulgence of ego; you feel an expanded sense of self-importance or some moral justification once you have agonised over a particular situation. However, this relief is temporary and within minutes you are worried about something else. For the ego thrives on worry and fear.  

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