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There are three constants in life...
change, choice and principles.
Stephen Covey

Applying Business, Balance & Beyond Approach to Work

Business, Balance and Beyond encapsulates the Corporate Sufi approach to life, i.e. a life lived by giving your totality to each moment, because when you are wholeheartedly present to each moment and have done your best, there is no room for regrets or future worries. 

The Business, Balance & Beyond approach is versatile and can be applied everywhere, whether work, personal or social life, helping you maximize the value of any given situation. For example, suppose you want to write a book and are finding it difficult to begin, lets apply the Business, Balance & Beyond approach and see how we can start the process.

A Look Back at the
A to Z
Alphabet Series' 

A – Awareness 

We all admire the likes of Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Ratan Tata, Walt Disney, J.W. Mariott, Sam Walton, Azim H. Premji. What do they all have in common?  Their unwavering desire to meet needs – to fix problems and make things better. Awareness is the precursor, the kernel from which needs are revealed. Attention decides intention, which then leads to action. Action without attention is a misguided missile, which can cause great damage. Without awareness, our vision is limited; we see without really observing, remaining oblivious to the changes around us and unable to recognize real needs or recognize shortcomings or, indeed, capitalize on strengths.

What it Means to be a High Performance Leader

Azim talks about what it means to be a high performance leader – an individual who is able to unleash their power within and inspire others around them to unleash their own.

He goes on to talk about the three major challenges being faced by top leaders across the globe. 

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"The one question that everyone asks: What is the key to balancing work and family life?”


I think the master key to balance is being present in the moment. If you are completing an assignment at work and thinking about your discussion with your wife last evening, you are not being fair to your work or your wife. Everything that we do deserves our undivided attention, because the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything

There is a famous Zen anecdote.

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