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Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an
environment where excellence is expected.
                                                                  ~ Steve Jobs

Making Quality Your Calling Card 

(Seven Tips to Improve the Quality of your Work)
Quality remains the number one differentiator whenever we want to evaluate something or make a choice. However, we often explore quality at a macro level; at our workplace, in our processes or in the products or services we consume. The idea of quality however, always begins at the level of the individual and is one of the key aspects to delivering a great impression or creating a successful personal brand.

Here are seven tips to ratchet up your quality quotient...


Defining Your
Quality of Life

What do we mean by quality of life? Is it a penthouse at an upscale address, a BMW parked in the driveway or vacations to the French Riviera every year? Many people seem to think so. However, many people blessed with these trappings do not necessarily look happy. Sometimes just having a bowl of hot steaming soup by the side of a roaring river might be more fun than having an expensive steak at a swanky restaurant.

The irony is that people without the trappings of success appear equally miserable.

So what do we exactly mean by quality of life and how do we enhance it?

Achieve More by Doing Less

Watch Azim explain how the pursuit of quality can help us to achieve more by doing less, He illustrates this dichotomy with the anecdote of a young apple seller in Tajikistan. 
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"I always try to do quality work but often encounter people and situations where often I have to put up with shoddy work or unprofessional attitudes. How do I then reconcile or adapt myself to such situations?"


It is often disconcerting to encounter shoddy work, or put up with work that has not been given due attention and respect. However, life is a heady mix of diverse opinions, attitudes, beliefs and ideals, and it is this diversity which lends vitality to life. Therefore, it is unfair to expect everyone to conform to our vision or expression of quality. But inherent in all this diversity is also the innate freedom to every individual to express himself in a manner he sees fit. So I would suggest...

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