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“...but BEing time is never wasted time. When we are BEing, not only are
we collaborating with chronological time, but we are touching on
Kairos, and are freed from the normal restrictions of time.”
                                                                                ~ Madeleine L'Engie
Life is all about moments. Ancient Greece defined time in two ways, ‘Chronos’ and ‘Kairos’. While ‘Chronos’ refers to chronological time, ‘Kairos’ means the ‘right moment’, a moment of truth per se, in which everything happens.

If we pay attention, we realise that we don't remember our life in the number of years we have lived, but define it in terms of moments that made life meaningful. So this month let’s look at how we can transform the time we have on this earth into a wonderful medley of beautiful, meaningful moments.

The 'Right Time'
to Start a Business

In the course of my workshops, I often get asked as to what I think is the right time to start your business, or make that big career move. Starting out on your own implies getting out of your comfort zone and embracing uncertainty; a prospect that can be daunting for most. Hence it’s only natural for us to try to ensure we select the most opportune time, so as to ensure a smooth ride.


We all agree that life is made up of moments that surprise us, take our breath away, infuse meaning into our lives or teach us something. But somehow we assume that such moments are few and far apart and moreover we will be lucky to experience them, if at all, on a daily basis.
What if I told you you can have this moment whenever you want it?



Azim elaborates on the concept of Kairos and explains how the life we want is not about getting more time but about creating valuable time, moments that matter. It is then that we are able to experience life in its full expansion and glory.
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"With so much competition in this world, how can I train myself to think abundance when I see lack all around me?"

The universe is an energy field of potentiality. Anything that you can imagine or conceive of is already present, including abundance and the lack of it. Energy always finds a similar vibrational level, so whatever you put out in the universe, you attract in your life. If you focus on “lack”, that's what you will continue to attract in your life.
Start paying attention to your dominant thoughts by consciously choosing life-affirmative and positive thoughts.  This does not mean that you have to...


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