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As we continue with our sharing of messages found in the new book that my friend Brian Tracy and I coauthored, titled "What You Seek is Seeking You", our topic this month is Coincidences - and how to attract positive ones.

We hope you find it helpful!


Azim Jamal, Founder

"Coincidences are spiritual puns."

FEATURE: How to Attract Positive Coincidences

David Letterman, the late-night funny man, started his career with a flop. After a string of guest appearances on comedy shows, sitcoms and game shows, Letterman finally landed a hosting gig for a TV pilot called The Riddlers.

The series was a bust.

But Letterman got noticed by the producers of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He soon became a regular guest, and eventually a TV talk show host who earned $40 million a year.

Examples of coincidences often appear to be simply accidents. However, as Albert Einstein said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

If you have faith that the Universe is there to help you, you will find

ASK AZIM | Question & Answer


I can’t seem to catch a lucky break in business. I try to stay positive and work hard but somehow nothing seems to be working in my favor. What can I do differently?


We attract whatever we focus our sustained attention on. Having said that, there might be several reasons why you are not able to attract the right coincidences or, as you put it, a ‘lucky break’ in business.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself...

ON TOUR | with Azim Jamal
During 2016 Azim will be travelling four times for his international speaking and coaching engagements, and to promote his latest book "What You Seek is Seeking You". His destinations will include: 

East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, India, Pakistan and UAE.

2016 Travel schedule:
Q1 - February 27 to March 24
Q2 - May 1 to June 7
Q3 - August 1 to September 7
Q4 - November 1 to December 6

Feel free to contact us if you would like to engage Azim when he is in your area. 

If you're like most people, you're committed to finding success in your personal and professional life. But the reality is, you struggle with finding enough time, energy or balance in that pursuit. That's exactly why Azim Jamal, along with his friend Brian Tracy, set out to write their new book, What You Seek is Seeking You.

By delivering lessons creatively through a parable, the book connects philosophy with practicality, leaving you with concrete takeaways you can use in your everyday life.

Be among the first people to get this new book!

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