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Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.
William Cowper - English Poet

Power of
Collective Wisdom

The power of the whole is bigger than the sum total of the individual parts. The collective wisdom of a group is higher than the wisest people in them.

The fall of the Berlin wall, the Arab spring or the recent anti-corruption crusade in India are all examples of the collective wisdom of a group rising together to confront a seemingly insurmountable challenge.
Organizational success like all other social endeavors is..


The Ways
of the Wise

The ways of the wise are different. They stand apart from the crowd, radiating their calm, centered energy irrespective of the external circumstances.
Be it our parents, peers, teachers or mentors or even colleagues, we all have met such people who have inspired us with their clarity of thought and understanding.
What is it that makes them different? And can we aspire to be such people?
Lets explore some of the habits of the wise...


Process of
Acquiring Wisdom

In this week’s vlog, Azim demystifies the process of acquiring wisdom, right from collecting raw data, to processing and analyzing it to draw key insights, which then forms the source of wisdom. He elaborates on the methods to draw these insights both in our personal and corporate lives, helping us achieve the harmony of business, balance and beyond.

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"Are there any words of wisdom on how to live a good life?"


My advice is basically founded on three pillars; Business, Balance & Beyond
  1. Business - When you do a thing, pour yourself completely in that task. For example, when listening to someone, give your complete, undivided attention to what they are saying. Simply put, be present to every moment. Bringing totality to all we do concentrates energy and simplifies life. Everything you do then acquires a certain grace and purpose. Learn to identify and focus on a tight set of priorities. If you have too many priorities, you have no priorities!
  2. Balance: Everything in life has a duality, a balance; night and day, winter and summer, sound and silence. Each acquires meaning only in the context of...

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