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Having just completed the past 26 monthly newsletters featuring Corporate Sufi A to Z, in 2016 we will be sharing the messages found in the new book that my friend Brian Tracy and I coauthored, titled "What You Seek is Seeking You" (official release February 2016).

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Azim Jamal, Founder

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"

FEATURE: The power of Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is the only leadership that endures, because it exists as a function of the individual rather than a crowd of borrowed opinions.

The power of authentic leadership was captured in a 2007 study in HBR. The study – which polled over 100 business leaders, aged 23 to 95, chosen among their peer groups for being authentic – found that...

ASK AZIM | Question & Answer

Question: People often get hurt or upset when someone speaks their mind. Given this, how do we remain authentic in our relationships?

Azim: A strong relationship is founded on trust and mutual respect; and both trust and mutual respect are derived from authenticity. If you are fake or pretending to be somebody else, sooner or later trouble starts brewing. When one or both parties begin to crumble under the pressure of conforming to an ideal which is not true, the relationship fizzles out. 

Here are a few tips to build authenticity in relationships...

ON TOUR | with Azim Jamal
During 2016 Azim will be travelling four times for his international speaking and coaching engagements, and to promote his latest book "What You Seek is Seeking You". His destinations will include: 

East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, India, Pakistan and UAE.

2016 Travel schedule:
Q1 - February 1 to March 7
Q2 - May 1 to June 7
Q3 - August 1 to September 7
Q4 - November 1 to December 6

Feel free to contact us if you would like to engage Azim when he is in your area. 

NEW BOOK RELEASE | February 2016
If you're like most people, you're committed to finding success in your personal and professional life. But the reality is, you struggle with finding enough time, energy or balance in that pursuit. That's exactly why Azim Jamal, along with his friend Brian Tracy, set out to write their new book, What You Seek is Seeking You.

By delivering lessons creatively through a parable, the book connects philosophy with practicality, leaving you with concrete takeaways you can use in your everyday life.

Be among the first people to get this new book!

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