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The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself;
to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.

A Winning Attitude is Always a Choice

We win some, we lose some. While winning is not always 100% in our control, a winning attitude is always a choice we can make. A winning attitude helps you approach life like an adventure, full of learning opportunities instead of viewing it in limited silos of failures and successes. You then remain unfazed irrespective of outward circumstances.

So how do we cultivate a winning attitude? 

1. Set goals with targeted timelines - Without a targeted timeline, goals lose their energy and drive. Without dreams, how can we have a winning attitude to...


Victory Over

There are umpteen moments in life when we are plagued by self-doubt; whether it’s when we have begun a new venture, been criticized or failed at something. Self-doubt can either paralyze you to inaction or inspire you to move mountains. It all depends on how you deal with doubt when it strikes you. Doubt in itself is merely a sign, a beacon. We can use its energy to illuminate something or blind sight us from further action.
The very purpose of doubt is to raise a question, trigger your mind to reconsider or re-examine what it thinks it knows or believes. A little self-doubt is not only normal, but....


Move Beyond Success Towards Significance

Here Azim cautions against sticking to well-rehearsed scripts about victory by comparing it to success, and instead tells us to move beyond success towards significance. This is possible only when we take a larger and more long-term view of victory; articulating what victory actually means to us beyond the narrow frame of societal interpretations and also why we want a particular victory. Only this understanding can free us from mindless pursuits, infuse more significance and create harmony of business, balance and beyond in our lives.

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"What's the advice for young professionals in today's world who are in a race to have it all?"


We are living in exciting times today, packed with a plethora of opportunities and bursting with new ideas. However, in a bid to have it all, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly makes our lives meaningful and fulfilling. My advice for young professionals is centered around three pillars; Business, Balance & Beyond

1. Business: Pour yourself completely and wholly in each moment and in all you do. Simply put, be present to every moment. Bringing totality to all we do simplifies life. Focus on a tight set of priorities. If you have too many priorities, you have no priorities!

2. Balance: Remember your life is your canvas. You can paint it any way you like. If you just focus on one color or area of life, the results will be uninteresting or too extreme. Whereas...

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Recap of Events in the Last Quarter

In the last quarter the following events took place:
  • May 26 - YPO Johannesburg event to some of the top MDs/CEOs in South Africa (9.5 average rating for Delivery, Impact and Engagement)
  • May 29 Johannesburg, South Africa: Brian Tracy, Azim Jamal, Brian Walsh, Robin Banks, Andy Harrington, Andrew Barsa full day joint seminar on Leadership, Public Event - 3,000 attendees - electrifying atmosphere 
  • May 30 & 31– Johannesburg, South Africa: The Two Day MBA with Brian Tracy & Azim Jamal, Public Event - participants said two days more valuable than two year MBA! 
  • June 2 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Brian Tracy, Azim Jamal & Friends full day joint seminar on World Sales Conference, Public Event
  • June 3 & 4 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: The Two Day MBA with Brian Tracy & Azim Jamal, Public Event - participants said two days more valuable than two year MBA! 
  • June 4 Evening Session – Brian Tracy and Azim Jamal Sales Presentation for CRDB Bank 
  • June 10 - Presentation to Alosco Leadership 
    June 12 - Presentation to  Barclays Bank 
  • June 15 - Presentation to Mid Management for CRDB Bank  
July begins with a Strategic Planning session in Vancouver Canada followed by a trip to South Africa, UAE, Mozambique and East Africa.

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