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Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.
                                  ~ Victor Hugo

How to
Grow Your

When J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter, 12 different publishers rejected the book. Even Bloomsbury, the publishing house that finally purchased Rowling’s manuscript, advised Rowling to “get a day job”.

Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got financing for creating Disney World.
Harrison Ford moonlighted as a carpenter to support his young family before getting his first big break in movies.
Walt could have given up after his 100th rejection...

Perseverance in the age of instant gratification!

This is the age of instant gratification, the era of two-minute noodles, where we want everything now. To tell someone to wait is akin to asking him to give up or move on. However, despite all prevailing ideologies, the most precious things in life still take time and effort.
It still takes nine months to bring a new human life into being. Falling in love is easy but rising in love takes time and a willingness to evolve. Getting married can be an overnight decision but raising a happy, well-adjusted family takes consistent effort.
Just like you can’t force...


In this month's vlog, we explore with Azim, the different facets of life and business where the power of perseverance comes into play and learn what it takes to make those crucial life-changing choices. 
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"How do you continue to persevere after facing challenge after challenge?  At some point isn’t it a sign from the universe that “This is not it” or “Stop what you’re doing!”  How do you know when to persevere versus when to change course?"


There are two aspects to this question.
First, we should realize that life itself is a undulating landscape of challenges. The moment one challenge ends, another appears on the horizon. The cycle ends only with death.

Our challenges are what force us to pay attention to life, to evolve and eventually infuse meaning and purpose in our experiences. So don't run away from challenges, face them squarely and learn from them.
The second aspect is...

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As we stand at the start of a whole new year, we look forward to the start of yet another adventure with a number of new projects including:
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  • Jan 18 – London, UK: morning session on High Performance Leadership
  • Jan 18 – London, UK: afternoon session on High Performance Leadership
  • Jan 19 & 20 – Dubai, UAE: client meetings
  • Jan 21 to 28 – East Africa: client meetings
  • Jan 29 to Feb 2 – Cruise from Durban to Portuguese Island: presentation for a business executive group on Corporate Sufi: Business Balance & Beyond
  • Feb 02 – Durban, South Africa: banquet  at the NMJ Hall titled “An Evening with the Corporate Sufi”
  • Feb 04 – Johannesburg, South Africa: banquet  at the Wanderers or Summer Place
  • Feb 06 - Cape Town, South Africa: banquet (venue TBA) titled “An Evening with the Corporate Sufi”
  • Feb 07 – South Africa: presentation to a targeted group of business leaders
  • Feb 08 & 09 – Mozambique: client meetings
  • May 29 & 30 – Johannesburg, South Africa: Brian Tracy and Azim Jamal full day joint seminars on High Performance Leadership
  • June 02 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Brian Tracy and Azim Jamal full day joint seminar on High Performance Leadership”
  • June 04 – Kampala, Uganda: Brian Tracy and Azim Jamal full day joint seminar on High Performance Leadership

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