The oddity in you is unique and powerful - just what we need for redemption and revolution!
Blessed Are The Weird
A manifesto for creatives

Dear <<First Name>>,

Do you want your creative soul back?

Do you need a new be-attitude for the world you've woken up to?

Blessed Are the Weird might be precisely the wake-up call you need in these trying times. In this call-to-disarmed living, author Jacob Nordby offers a bold new definition of success in the modern era: 

"The only success now is living and creating a work-of-art life: unique, rich with meaning, naked of anything we don't care about, and ruthless about carving out something absolutely real from a world that has gorged itself on fakeness and become critically ill from it. The only failure now is pulling back from that quest because of fear."

Expanding on a brief reflection that became a viral phenomenon, Nordby traces the roots of soulful artistry and creation to ancient times and back again to reveal the insistent, eternal quest of our true natures that demands something undeniably real - as if our very existence depends upon it.

Blessed are the Weird is a call to creatives (and those who want to be) with the clear message: it has never been more critical to heed the call of soul than it is during this exciting, dangerous new renaissance epoch on Planet Earth.

Heartfelt and sometimes humorous, this tome lights a signal fire for all who feel out of place in the modern world and invites us to claim our heritage as members of an ancient lineage - those tenders of soul and beauty who have always kept the flame alive for humanity.

This is a book for everyone who wants to lead a deep, true, and passionate life, leaving the world better for having passed this way.

Are you ready to dive in?

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About the Author:
Jacob Nordby is a writer. He is also a starer-at-the-sky and a breather and a hill walker and a sushi eater. 

He wrote The Divine Arsonist – A Tale of Awakening and his most recent release, Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives. He is actively plotting new novels and other projects. His work has been featured in compilation books with Dr. Bernie Siegel, James Van Praagh, Lisa McCourt, Jack Canfield, and others.

Jacob is the proud father of three children who often leave the door open like they are trying to heat the whole damn neighborhood—and who have taught him about life, love, and acceptance. 

Jacob is the founder and teacher of Creative UnBootcamp – A Course for Writers… and those who want to be. He offers intuitive coaching sessions that are designed to help people solve their creative puzzles. People often come to him for guidance on writing but these sessions often extend into other areas as Jacob is convinced that “creativity is not something we put in a little room or a box and visit when it’s convenient for us.”

Praise for Blessed Are The Weird:
There is something familiar about Nordby's words - not because I have heard them before but because they feel so authentic and honest - it's as if a part of me is being awakened and I feel this is as much my story as it is Jacob's. If you are reading these words, I suspect this book is for you too. Although it may not resonate with everyone if you are or long to pursue a creative, soul-filled and soulful life, this book will touch you in a thousand beautiful and heart opening ways. I can imagine sitting around the campfire listening to Jacob Nordby tell of his journey and our collective journey.

This is not a book you'll read once, enjoy and then forget. Rather it will be a book you will want to keep in your briefcase or backpack to read and share. There are laugh out loud moments and other times when you find yourself with watery eyes. Most of all you will deeply feel that you are on the right path, that you belong  and that many of those you'll meet along the way are from your tribe. Now back to the book!
- Paul S. Boynton - author of Begin with Yes

Request Blessed Are The Weird ebook here - instant download
Request Blessed Are The Weird physical book here - U.S. residents only
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Happy reading!

Mike Morrell and the Speakeasy Team
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