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Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed

Marching to Sounds of Human Decency

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How does precise marching with captivating music change the lives of a “down and out” community?

Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed is the story of a small Kansas town being reborn amidst the Great Depression. It all happened through the sounds of a high school band, under the tutelage of Jake Dalke, a young professor of music. The band grew from zero members in 1934 to one hundred talented high school musicians in 1941. What was the secret of Jake’s approach that was so compelling for families and students?

This book explores numerous aspects of the positive impact of his decency and leadership. The momentum builds, chapter after chapter: as the students honed their skills, the townsfolk became more excited and hopeful. It is an entertaining and captivating read.

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Praise for Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed

“What a read, what a story! Dave writes in an invitational style. ... If you have never been a part of a marching band or lived in a depressed farming community during the dirty thirties, read on! You will join the band, have lived in St. John, Kansas, and have a new adoptive dad, a man named Jake. This is a journey you do not want to miss!”
Bruce Blake, former President, Southwestern College

“Passion, decency, joy, delight, pleasure—David’s writing took me back to growing up in St. John! My mom and my aunt were students of Jake Dalke. ... I feel like Mr. Dalke’s passion for teaching music instilled a love of music education in his students which would last for a lifetime. ... Reading about the band warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye.”
Marcia Suiter, lifelong volunteer and band member’s daughter

“In Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed, David has brought to life moments in a small town’s history of a national event. His father, Jacob Dalke, band director at St. John High School, had the vision to promote and orchestrate this musical undertaking. All who read this will marvel at the success his father had and realize that to dream and then see that dream become a reality is only a thought and hard work away.”
John Paulin, former Professor of Psychology, Southwestern College

About the Author

David Dalke is a highly-regarded speaker, teacher, author, and facilitator who utilizes the art of storytelling in his presentations. Many of his stories on human behavior are drawn from his own life experiences and lessons taught him by his grandchildren.

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