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The Standard

Discovering Jesus as the Standard for Masculinity

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With no shortage of voices competing for the definition of masculinity, Josh Khachadourian has emerged with a singular assertion: “Jesus is the Standard.”

Inside of The Standard you’ll discover the ancient disciplines, actions and methods of the Master empowering your breakthrough so you can reach your maximum potential with nothing holding you back.

  • Do you struggle balancing work, family and spiritual life? Discover the morning routine Jesus used to master his time, influence others, take territory and change the world.
  • Do you think life would be easier if you knew how to ethically guide conversations and share your thoughts and opinions powerfully? Discover the little-known ways Jesus used to communicate and how using them shifts everything.
  • Too weak? Too masculine? Too Toxic? The world is wrestling over the definition of masculinity. Inside you’ll discover exactly what Jesus modeled for manhood and how you too can take dominion in every area of your life.
  • Balancing marriage, kids, business and spiritual life is hard. When you know the one secret Jesus shares you’ll see the 'abundant-life' advantage men really have when they choose to access it.
  • The Standard is a no-fluff playbook where you will learn and build high-performance habits in your life.
A bold foray into a controversial topic, The Standard won't please everyone. But it's Khachadourian honest grappling with one of today's most urgent questions: What does healthy masculinity look like, and how can Jesus light the way? Review this book to join the conversation! 
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Praise for The Standard

“First structural analysis of Christ I’ve read. It is a smooth read, entertaining and informative. Really shows Jesus’ human side in all of its aspects. Good book to go back to to check yourself as life rampages on. Lots of Biblical references and self-help techniques (‘Coaching‘ sections). Highly recommendable.”
Amazon Reviewer

“What I love the most is the structure of the book. Can you read it like a normal book? Absolutely. Can you also use it as a devotional? Yes! I enjoy the fact that I can pick it up and if there’s something that sticks out to me (like an area where I need to improve), I can go to that section and receive insight and some coaching advice so that I can apply what I’m learning in my life.”
Amazon Reviewer

“This book has challenged me in more ways than one. I had never thought much about the humanity of Jesus and how many years he spent quietly being diligent as carpenter and serving his neighbors and community. He was a man that was hardwired just like you and I, but also demonstrated restraint and diligence when needed. He would do excellent work as a carpenter and would later use those skills in his ministry. He stayed in his lane and never waivered from his Fathers calling. He lived quietly for 30 years and then changed the world in 3. As men we sometimes want to speed up the process to reach success and achievement.”
Amazon Reviewer

“If you’re a man, and you’ve been looking to all of the examples around you for manhood yet you still find holes in those examples you need this book. If you’ve been scouring the pages of books trying to find a good framework for manhood as a supplement, then look no further than this book. What Joshua Khachadourian has put together is a book the peels back the layers of who Jesus is and lays the groundwork for the One and Only example for manhood. As you turn the pages you will begin to see all the reasons why Jesus is the model for manhood. But it doesn’t end there, Josh calls you to take action in your everyday life and challenges you to go the pages of the Bible to draw even more out of all we’ve missed before.”
Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

Josh Khachadourian is a husband, father, leader, coach and host of the Raising The Standard podcast. Josh has spent the last 15 years ascending the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 company where he focused on building high performing teams and developing best in class leaders. Josh has encountered and observed the pressures today’s men are facing. Most men are grappling for identity and struggling through challenges in life without a plan. Jesus provides a plan and sets a standard that is relatively unknown to the modern Christian man.

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