Learn to structure your life to accomplish more of what truly matters and feel less busy at the same time.
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How to leverage the physics of flow to accomplish more of what truly matters and feel less busy at the same time.

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Why are our lives so busy?

Busyness is meaningless. What matters is doing the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

It’s not about a lack of activity or simply cutting your schedule indiscriminately. "Busy" is not the same as full. Our lives should be full of what is meaningful to us. They should be full of purpose, on purpose. Busy is chaos and reduced capacity. Unbusy is intentional, balanced, and sustainable. Unbusy leads to growth and increased capacity over time. Unbusy is working smarter instead of harder to accomplish more of what you are uniquely designed to contribute with your time and energy.

Many think the opposite of structure is freedom, and they really want freedom. There is only one problem:

According to physics, the opposite of structure is actually chaos, and a chaotic life is not freedom. Yet the wrong structure leads to busyness and overwork. This short, fast-paced, practical guide shares what the pastor and author Andy Dragt has learned and what rivers, trees, and even our own bodies already know: it takes a well-designed, flexible framework to thrive in a world full of obstacles and resistance. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional, a minister or a social worker, a digital nomad or a stay-at-home parent, it will help you learn to structure your life to accomplish more of what truly matters and feel less busy at the same time.

In Unbusy, you will learn:

  • How to reject “busy” as a symbol of status and success
  • The physics of flow that overcomes chaos in the universe
  • How to design a flow system for your own life
  • How to align that system with your purpose, values, and priorities
  • How to unlock the power of predictable patterns
  • And how to make sure it’s flexible enough to last

It is possible to accomplish more of what matters most to you while also living an unbusy life. This book will help you get there.

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Praise for Unbusy

“I read many self-help books. Andy Dragt’s Unbusy is different. It is well-written and thoughtful and you can tell he follows his own advice. Andy isn't trying to sell you something. He is sharing his hard-won experience.

Unbusy is great for busy parents and working people who feel they aren’t doing enough. We fill our days with busyness thinking we are accomplishing something. But we are not. That is where stress and anxiety comes in life. is a self-help book that doesn't want you to do more or be more efficient. Andy wants you to do less, but with purpose. Walking you through the process to assess your values and priorities, he helps the reader see how to do more that is fulfilling and do less that is what you may think others want you to do.

Highly recommended for a new perspective on how we can manage our lives to be more fulfilling and open to adventure.”
Amazon Review

“From the start, I connected with this book. Andy’s candid stories about what led him to live a more intentional life really connected. He described what is plaguing us all in this age of "busyness" in a way that is empathetic but with the determination to get us beyond this stage. I found the stories really relevant and the actual steps towards an ‘unbusy’ life easy yet with depth. He combines concepts and principles of physics to interpret his framework and I can see these principles playing out all around me now that he's spelled it out so clearly. I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking to create a more rewarding life from your family to finances. This framework works for well for designing a blueprint for all areas of your life.”
Amazon Review

“I have read many books on productivity, values, and time management. But the methods Andy shares in this book really struck a chord with me, and helped me go deeper in clarifying what's important to me, and what I’d like to create in this next stage of my life. The processes he defines I found simple to understand and very helpful to implement. I now use them regularly. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to create less busyness and better prioritize what really matters in their life.”
Amazon Review

“As a perpetually busy person, I found great value in Andy Dragt’s book, Unbusy. It is beautifully written, and offers a helpful system for readers to get back to the important things in life. If you find yourself flirting from task to task while accomplishing little, this book is for you.”
Amazon Review

About the Author

Andy Dragt is a dreamer and an entrepreneur who loves to meet new people and new places. He is currently traveling full-time with his family, hitting as many National Parks as possible and dreaming of slow traveling around the Mediterranean. As a certified life and leadership coach, he loves to help people live healthy balanced lives and build strong families. He and his wife Gina have been married for 21 years and have two amazing, un-schooled teenage daughters.

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