Do you think God just threw us onto Earth and left us with no clue as to what we are here for?  
A novel take on the first romance...

Dear <<First Name>>,

In this stunning retelling of the Biblical creation story, Cy Chase charts an alternative history for the human race. Atom and Erg have traveled through time and space to reach earth, their new home. Atom comes from another planet. Erg, from a ball of light. His skill and her insight clash. Erg is new to all things physical, and thus challenges gravity, darkness, and her new mate.

Natives of earth welcome the “starfolk,” but the couple’s influence jumbles tradition. Mishaps and adventures, wilderness and wildlife, Atom and Erg’s entry into this pristine world unfolds destiny. 

Detours divert their path and endanger their mission. A bond with the natives, though necessary to creation of the human race, is fraught with social upheaval.

Hope and humor are prominent...if humans began with lofty ideals, we may currently resurrect them today.

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Acclaim for Godlings:
"This book is a play on opposites--lightness and darkness, energy and matter, innocence and ancient wisdom. Even the theory of evolution tangles with intelligent design. It touches on the oldest story of our time, basing its characters on Adam and Eve. At the same time, it keeps us guessing--do the events pre-date our society now, or do they take place in some distant post-apocalyptic future? Or do they take place on another planet altogether? No matter how you feel about God and his/her relationship with science, this light-hearted, readable book will challenge your beliefs."

"A great read! Will there be sequels? After all this is only the beginning..."

About the Author: 
Cy Chase is a biologist with a passion for nature, animals, and laughter. She sees science as a relevant truth in all our doings and weaves it into gutsy orbits of activity. Chase's flow of fiction is influenced by Robert Heinlein, Madelynne L’Engle, and J. K. Rowling. Her stories are uplifting and funny—carrying her readers into higher levels of consciousness. Chase lives with her husband and goldendoodle amid volcanic mountains tucked into the red rocks of Utah.

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