Inglewood Triangle - amazing bushland in the heart of suburbia
In full flower
Nuytsia florabunda 

Weeding on Sunday!  

Please bring your family and neighbours and help us with hand weeding this Sunday 1st December  8am - 10am.

We desperately need more pairs of hands to carefully pull out the wild oats and veldt grass in the good areas of bushland.  These grassy weeds are a big problem this year and they become a fire hazard when dry. And it looks like being a cool day!
You will be able to enjoy all the wildflowers: the big Banksia attenuata trees are about to burst into full bloom; at ground level the Snake bush - Hemiandra linearis and the pale blue Leschenaultia floribunda are both in full bloom;  and there is much more.
Meet at Eighth Ave entrance, dieback spray for feet is available 
BYO gloves, hat, please wear convered shoes
Bring mugs etc for morning tea when we finish work.
We look forward to seeing you there

Urban Bush Telegraph
To keep up with matters environmental, click this link to the Urban Bush Council's quarterly magazine

Grass Tree before the fire

The before photo taken in Spring 2012
Nuytsia floribunda
Christmas Tree
Grass Tree looking good
Our favorite grass tree is now (Oct 2013) is showing extensive growth across its many flowering heads. A real relief to see it coming back.
Dasypogon bromelilfolius
Pineapple Bush

Late Spring flowering

An amazing colour change over the last couple of weeks. 
Banksia ilicifolia
Holly-leaved Banksia
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