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Come Weeding this Saturday 

From 9 am Saturday 18 October 

Please join us next Saturday FROM 9 AM to 12 NOON to help us with a weeding blitz.

Our good friends form Conservation Volunteers Australia will be sending us up to 30 volunteers on Saturday morning to help us weed in Inglewood Triangle. We will really be able to 'blitz' the fumaria and the veldt grass with their help.

We need you to come along for a short while to show our volunteers the bushland and guide them through the morning. Please bring gloves, hat and water - we will have the bags and the phytospray.

Vandalism in the Triangle

Sadly, there has been some damage in our revegetation areas.  As you can see from the photos below, stakes were pulled out and strewn around.  Some were then used to slash out the tops of young trees that had been making good progress over the last couple of years.  

What's flowering now? 

The orchids (spider orchids, donkey orchids and cow slip orchids) have all finished flowering.  However, the colours are changing again in the Triangle with Pixie Mops, Scaevola and Eremea in flower (to name a few).
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