Inglewood Triangle - amazing bushland in the heart of suburbia
Swan River Myrtle
Hypocalymma robustum
Visit Inglewood Triangle and marvel at its biodiversity!
Arson in Inglewood Triangle
Many of you will have walked past the enormous ancient grass tree at the Hamer Road entry to Inglewood Triangle.  In mid August, it was burnt!  Then a week or so later, another magnificent grass tree on the Hamer Road boundary was torched!  Pleasingly, both grass trees are starting to show bursts of green and we are hopeful that they will both survive. Those grass trees must both be older than white settlement.  

Revegetating the Triangle
We had a very successful day on Monday 29 July when the Bushranger Cadets from Mount Lawley Senior High School planted out 400 plants in less than an hour!  All the rain since then has given them a wonderful start.  Thanks to Murray Woods and the team from the City of Stirling for providing magnificent support on the day.  

Welcome to Perth College
Suzanne Bushby from Perth College will be bringing her class of Kindergarten students to Inglewood Triangle to learn about our natural environment and to help with weeding.  Welcome to Inglewood Triangle!  

Urban Bush Telegraph
To keep up with matters environmental, click this link to the Urban Bush Council's quarterly magazine

Grass Tree before the fire

This photo was taken in Spring 2012 and shows how large the grass tree is; its extensive skirt and the many flowering heads.
Diuris corymbosa
Common Donkey Orchid
The Spring flowering season is now in full bloom, and the Donkey Orchids are like a sea of gold, brown and purple.
Burnt Grass Tree 

The Grass Tree just after it was burnt. Pleasingly, there are now signs of new green fronds from many of its growing points.
Common White Spider Orchid
Caladenia longicauda
If you look carefully, you can find occasional Spider Orchids hidden away under the trees.

Second arson attack

This Grass Tree, on the fence line just behind the bus stop, was burnt two weeks later. Another very large, very old specimen.
Cowslip Orchid
Caladenia flava
A bright addition to the yellow of flowering plants such as Acacia pulchella and Hibbertia hypericoides.
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