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Edition 8

  • Advice for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays
  • Parent Advice: Building relationships with Foster Carers
  • Parent Recommendation: DASH
  • Back into it - 2020
  • Parent Morning Teas
  • No Interest Loans Scheme - perfect for back to school!

"Set the Christmas tree up and leave it there until the kids come home" 

My worker shared a beautiful idea with me prior to Christmas, that one of her other clients had shared with her. 

"Set the Christmas tree up and leave it there until the kids come home" 

At first this made me feel sick. I love Christmas and always make a big deal of it, but knowing I wasn't going to see my boys had turned me into the biggest grinch! I couldn't shake the idea tho, so I bit the bullet and bought a cheap tree from Kmart as a gesture of good faith. 

Next thing you know, gifts started pouring in - I've never been the recipient of such amazing generosity and I'm still blown away. The law of attraction is real! 

Now here we are, end of January and I'm glad this is sitting in my loungeroom. It's been 3 months since I saw them which feels so surreal everytime I say it, but I know I'm doing all I can and it's just a matter of time, so WHEN they come home (not 'if', WHEN) we can celebrate our own Christmas + everything else we've missed. 

This heartfelt piece was written by Krystal, a mother involved in FIN.

Building Relationships with Foster Carers - a Parents Perspective

It’s confronting to have a stranger look after your little one. It can feel like the Department thinks a carer can do a better job raising your child than you.

Even good carers sometimes forget who the child’s real parent is. Being a foster carer doesn’t make someone an angel. There are abusive carers, and those who just want extra money. Most carers however, genuinely want to help.
Some have experienced abuse from birth parents before, which could affect how carers treat you. Others could become an honorary member of your family, and feel like an auntie or brother to you. 

Our children live with someone else right now. It’s up to us what we make of that. We can choose to move forward, see the carer as a new friend. Someone who is helping our child come home, who can remain a source of support for us in the future. Treat them kindly; they’re probably nervous about having to deal with you too!

By Laura - another parent involved in FIN.

Want to hear more from parents? Read this edition of Rise Magazine "Building Relationships With Foster Parents". In this issue, parents and foster parents explore the obstacles to positive relationships and the actions and attitudes that helped them connect. 

Rise magazine is written by and for parents involved in the child welfare system. Its mission is to help parents advocate for themselves and their children.

Parent Recommendation
DASH Baby & Kids Op Shop and Exchange

DASH is a baby & kids op shop and exchange. Run by a mother & daughter & foster family team that created this idea as a way of making purchasing baby & kids items sustainable and affordable and helping fellow carers or people in need. You can buy off the rack or participate in the exchange scheme.

Depending on the number of items you have the below exchange fee will apply, then we give the equivalent of what we will sell the pieces for as an in-store credit for you to spend as you like. Our credits have no expiry date and no limits - you can build up as many credits as you like.
  • 1-10 Items - $5.00 exchange fee
  • 11-25 items - $10.00 exchange fee
  • 26-50 Items - $15.00 exchange fee
  • 51-100 items - $20.00 exchange fee
  • 101-200 items - $25.00 exchange fee

ALL clothing and almost all items in-store, excluding large items like high-chairs, prams etc. will be $1-$6 depending on brand and quality.

Foster & Kinship families shop FOR FREE* for children currently in their care, just show us your carers card! We also offer an outside of hours emergency service if you need help with any children that come into your care on short notice.

School uniforms for surrounding areas are completely free for any customer.

Click here to learn more.

Happy 2020!

As we slowly get back on board after the holiday break, we are very excited to reconnect with the parents involved with FIN. We know the Christmas and school holidays can be tough for parents, often managing complex family relationships and the disruption of support services can make this time particularly hard for families. 

The good news is our Parent Morning Tea's have started again. Our next parent meeting with be a special one, co-hosted with The Family Place at Woodridge. Our Parent Afternoon Tea is held on the 5th of March at 1.30pm. We hope to meet with local parents - especially Dads who would like to share their experiences in the Child Protection system.
We are also excited to announce that we hope to meet with parents located on the Northside this year, with a quarterly Parent Morning Tea offered at Nundah Neighbourhood Centre starting on Wednesday 13th May. 

You may have seen our communication 'Shared Strength - Parents taking their seat at the table'. The Queensland Parent Advisory Committee (QPAC) is officially a permanent feedback mechanism to the Department of Child Safety.

FIN is always looking to build our membership base of parents with an experience in the Queensland Child Protection system but in addition, you may also want to be considered for any future membership vacancies in the statewide QPAC. You are able to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form here. 

NOTE: Submitting an EOI does not provide you guaranteed acceptance into the QPAC. When a suitable vacancy arises, nominations will be considered by the Parent Ally Committee.

We can't wait to meet with you all and work together in elevating your voices to create change in the systems that effect your lives. Please reach out to us and get involved! We can't do it without you - without your experiences, your passion and desire for change. 

Becky - on behalf of the Family Inclusion Network SEQ
(Susie, Becky, Donna and Jenny - pictured)

Struggling with the thought of back to school costs?

Seen in the QCOSS eNewsletter, this might be useful getting kids back to school (or to keep in mind for mid year, or next year!)

No interest loans (NILS) are for individuals and families on low incomes to loan up to $1,500 for essential goods and services. This includes fridges, washing machines and medical procedures. It can also be used for education essentials such as computers and text books. Repayments are set up over 12 - 18 months at affordable amounts.

To learn more about the Good Shepherd Microfinance offering of the No Interest Loans (NILS) click here. To find a local organisation which can provide you with a No Interest Loan (NILS) click here

We hold morning teas with parents to share their experiences with other parents who have walked along the same path.

Contact us to find out the next morning tea date!
The Family Inclusion Network SEQ
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