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Arkansas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania Departments of Education, as part of the growing Ed-Fi Community, contributed innovative technology that is being released today as Ed-Fi Dashboards 1.3. This collaboration allows everyone involved in the Ed-Fi Community to benefit directly from field tested, research based, educator informed technology, without incurring their own development costs or creating one-off solutions.
“The benefits are clear – it’s absolutely critical that states and local districts continue working together to develop technology solutions that positively advance student choices and outcomes throughout their journey to higher education and workforce,” said Pat Bush, CIO for the Delaware Department of Education.
The new functionality of Ed-Fi Dashboards 1.3 made possible by this collaboration includes contributions from the following community leaders:

  • Arkansas DOE contributed a Dynamic Watch List feature that provides educators a dynamic grouping of students based on selected, customizable filters
  • Delaware DOE contributed a Standards Mastery View feature that provides educators with insight on student performance on all assessment tests - including those that are locally developed - and the ability to drill down by learning standard
  • Pennsylvania DOE  contributed a Plug-in Architecture feature that provides IT departments the ability to easily add unique dashboard features being requested by educators

Everyone involved in the Ed-Fi Community can immediately benefit from the innovative features released today because Ed-Fi Dashboards are built from the widely adopted, CEDS aligned Ed-Fi Data Standard. Using community-sourced Ed-Fi technology saves educators time at every step, empowering them with real-time, actionable data on every student in their classrooms, schools, districts, or states.
The Ed-Fi Alliance is dedicated to fostering contributions like these made by the educational community, for the benefit of the community. Please visit the new Ed-Fi Community Page for more information on what the community is doing and ways to get involved.

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