Non-stop sunshine and a new kid; July has been a beautiful month! We would love to share about it with you.
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The Price Post
Hi there <<First Name>>,

August already? This summer is quickly flying past. On a basic level we were so happy to be in BC as it broke records for the amount of sunshine. In Poland it started snowing in October and was still snowing for Easter. We needed some Vitamin D! Plus, Matthew feels like this is the summer BC owed him after years of enduring only the rain. Apparently the British Columbians haven't been making it up about their "amazing summers" to offset the dreary rest of the year.

We apologize that this update comes to you later than usual. We'll play the "new baby" card and hope you give us a pass this time.

July was a very people oriented month as we've worked to spend time with friends and family to restock the relational coffers and to connect with supporters. With our growing family we admit to feeling a little peopled-out, but we only have a short window to see people here and so we're doing our best to soak it all in.

Tattered Tiaras sent a Global Challenge Team to Malawi this month. It was Amber's first delve into helping administrate something while juggling two kids. You can read about the trip from the team on the Tattered Tiaras blog. Amber's work with Tattered Tiaras will continue through our Leave of Absence and we cannot understate our belief in what they do.

The Tater Tot has Come to Town

Welcoming our daughter, Zala Mateja, to the outside world.

At 09:33 on July 23, 2013, we welcomed our daughter into the world beyond the womb. She's come out equipped with a wonderfully calm countenance and a remarkable head-full of fluffy hair. We love her.

Zala is a Slovene name meaning "beautiful". Mateja is also Slovene and is the feminine form of Matthew. The Price family has a tradition of giving the father's first name to the eldest son as a middle name (isn't that right, Matthew Charles). We've kept tradition with a twist and given it to our daughter. Matthew means "gift of God" so all together our little one is a beautiful gift of God. She truly is. Pictured above is Zala's first ever sunrise (we were all up). She brightens our world.

Amber is recovering well. It's a process and the biggest challenge is remembering to take it easy. Daxon is giving us more of a run for our money than Zala as apparently adjusting to a new sibling is more challenging than adjusting to life outside the womb.

Look at Them GO!

The momentum in Poland continues without us - it's a good thing.

We have surfed and floundered in a sea of emotions this month. Adding a child (and hormones) in the midst of a major life transition can be tumultuous. As we sat down to write this today we got a message from friends in Poland which ended with, "I guess we found God". These friends had always been curious about our lifestyle choices and we had shared honestly with them about how we live and why, but in the end they felt that God was more of a good idea than a reality.

It had been a long morning when we got their message and Amber declared, "I'm here stress eating caramel popcorn and chocolate covered almonds, drinking whole milk and weeping over the phone with good tears". We are so genuinely thrilled to see our friends take a deliberate step towards God (though it does sound more like He swept them off their feet). It is a strong reminder that God chooses to include us in His plans for others, but doesn't necessarily need us.

Our friends expressed how they wished we were there to talk with them, and though technology has made the world small, we cannot help but feel the same. In our last few updates, we've asked you to pray for us that we would have the trust to know God will see things through even without us there. God is a God of completion and finishes what He starts. Our friends message was powerful for us too!


Even without the title "Global Worker" we still want to engage with you

As we step away from our titles, we are not backing out of our relationships. We're far too relationally driven for that and we will remain connected to North America and Europe. We've fought hard for these relationships and we're not about to let them slide just because we're in transition. This isn't the end of us!

Through our Leave of Absence, our monthly updates will be not-so-monthly, but you'll hear from us now and then. We'll continue to blog and Tweet. Of course, there's always e-mail and we sincerely would love to hear from you. If you think there is a way we could be of benefit to you or your community, then please let us know. We're open to your ideas.

There are some really practical ways that you can help us:
  • we want this next season to be thought-provoking, stretching and enhancing. We welcome your recommendations of books, blogs, courses, resources, and conferences. Even if you think it is not our expertise, we still welcome it (from social justice to economic development and beyond).
  • after we settle in Ontario and get a better handle on our schedule, we may be looking for volunteer opportunities to grow our experience and skill set.
  • next month Matthew will be looking for part-time work and we'll be looking to buy a car and other life logistics. If you know of something, we'd love to hear about it.
If you have questions about our Leave of Absence (why an MBA, why now, what's next), then please ask us. We want you to understand our hearts going into this and why we feel it is essential to our missional longevity. Your questions don't scare us and we're not easily offended. Fire away!

On Our Prayer List

Join us in talking to God about these things.

  • pray for our upcoming transition to Ontario in mid-September (nothing booked yet)
  • we had planned on traveling and speaking more before Zala's birth, but Matthew had a sinus infection that spread to his chest, ears, and eyes. It was painful. He's better now but please pray for continued health for all of us throughout this transition
  • continued recovery for Amber
  • for Daxon as he adjusts to having a sibling and for us as we learn to parent at a 1 to 1 ratio
  • for our friends in Poland, and their 2 young children, as they begin to walk out their new faith
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