It's been some time and so we're checking in...and because we missed you!
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Hi there <<First Name>>,

It's been some time and we wanted to touch base (we're such rebels with this's not even the end of a month and we're sending an update). The last time we wrote we had just added Zala to the family, were on the verge of moving to Ontario, and had so very much up in the air. A few things have landed (some smoothly, others with a thud) and we'd like to share about where.

Also, we want to remind you that we are now officially into our Unpaid Leave of Absence. Any funds donated to PAOC in our names will be set aside in our account but are unavailable to us. Of course, you will be tax receipted. We encourage you to take those dollars you were investing in Europe through us and find other Global Workers through whom you can be a part of missions.

A New / Old Homeland

Matthew has moved back to Ontario, while the other 3 are calling it home for the first time.

We had visions of arriving and being fully settled and unpacked in just over a week. 3 months into our move to Ontario and we sheepishly admit that there are still a few straggler boxes lurking in corners. In general, this move has taken more time and energy than we anticipated. We landed and life went in 12 directions simultaneously. It is just in the last week that we feel we are on the cusp of some sort of functional rhythm

Plugging into our community is a focus and we want to make the most of our time here - relationally and somewhat lavishly. Don't be put off by that word. Lavish includes putting Dax in swimming lessons (living near great facilities - you know, the ones we take for granted, is a treat we've missed).  We've found a church community to call home here and Amber is part of a weekly moms' group. Lavish also means being a part of the little details of peoples' lives. Oh sure, we made it back for the big stuff, but helping a friend move boxes is a joy we've missed.

Within our own tribe dynamic we're still learning what it means to have 2 wee ones in our lives. We remind ourselves that it is not about winning, but rather about parenting (our friend Brandi Reimer taught us that one). And so we parent to the best of our abilities all day and all night (and sometimes it really is all night). In true Price form, we have embraced change on multiple levels at the same time. Stability is our Bigfoot (elusive and yet a felt presence).

Books and Business

Putting key pieces into place.

Studies are in full-swing for Matthew and he has his first exam coming up on December 5th. To say it's been a challenge would be an understatement. It's a lot to learn and so much of it is new (and a new way of thinking). Prayers are welcome.

Thanks for praying with us about Matthew's employment situation. Matthew is now working part-time as a Customer Representative at Scotiabank. So he's a teller experiencing the full brunt of gender stereotypes, but it is a different kind of work experience, boosts his understanding on his MBA, and is a great connecting point with people.

Celebrate Good TImes

Marking milestones.

With all of the instability that was thrown our way over the last few years, we neglected something meaningful. On November 17th we corrected this when we had both Daxon and Zala dedicated. Dedication is more about the parents and our intentions to raise our children in a way that introduces them to God and his love for them. It was a milestone for us as parents. With so much geography separating our families we struggled with how to dedicate the kids in a place of community. As a divine kindness, we were beyond blessed to have both sets of parents present, members from both sides of our families, and friends with us for the dedication. If you would have told us a few months ago we'd be dedicating our children in Ontario in the company of so many loved ones, we would have found it incredibly hard to believe. The whole experience reminded us that our children have been born into a great community.

Combine this with Amber's birthday just a few weeks behind us and Daxon's 2nd and Matthew's 30th birthday on the horizon, we're in a season of celebration. We pray that this Christmas season is filled with joy. Not just happy moments, but true joy.

We pray you're blessed as we wrap up 2013 and that you find a way to be a blessing to others.

On Our Prayer List

Join us in talking to God about these things.

  • strength as we continue to adjust. Our awareness of the cost of so much transition is starting to grow and there is some wear and tear that we need to address.
  • we're sure most of us feel this, but we're praying God will help us be good with our time, Life is full and some divine time management is most welcome.
  • SERENITY NOW and peace for Amber as she walks out the journey many of you already know well - full days, home alone with two kids under two years of age.
  • Matthew's studies. Without a background in business, and a serious lack of natural math ability, this MBA is already proving to be a challenge.
  • Amber continues to volunteer with Tattered Tiaras. Pray for them as 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year.
  • we miss Europe. Pray for her and her people.
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