Things always heat up in March as Thailand heads into HOT season. Check out this month's highlights here.
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She came to faith after spending time with a Christian family. The choice was hers, but it was an embarrassing blow to her family in their social and religious context. She would later marry into this Christian family and her parents could no longer accept this. While walking through a market with her husband, her family came to hurt them, to kill him, to take her back. They were able to escape in the crowds so her family went to her husband's home and publicly beat them. The police said it was the Christian family's fault. There would be no help. Along with her husband she fled Pakistan and they became refugees in Thailand. Years passed. They started a family. Though registered with the UNHCR, her husband was still put into a detention centre. Their 2 children watched their dad be taken away. He was only released on bail after a motorcycle struck his wife and 1 child. They were badly injured and needed his help.

We talked together over cups of tea. She was teary as she explained how her family still won't answer the phone. There is no safety in returning. There is no security in staying here. So we began to talk about what life in another country could look like.

It is our desire to see this family of 4 resettled to Canada through private sponsorship. We are looking for a church who is willing to take this journey with this family. Yes there is financial cost. Yes there is work. Yes we can help you with the process, but yes you'll still have to walk it out. If you are open to the idea of sponsoring a family to move to Canada, we would love to talk with you more. It is just a talk to explore what's involved.



March is a time of change in Thailand as we move into HOT season (which is better thought of as HOTTER season). As we type, it's 33°C, but feels like 42°C with humidity (that's 91°F and 107.6°F). By next month those numbers will be higher! The protest movement continues and there are still demonstrations in Bangkok, though the numbers do seem lower. We are still unsure as to where all of this may lead. The vaccine roll out is highly politicized here (and everywhere?) and there has been another jump in COVID numbers but without any lock down this time. The economic impact continues to grow and we think the economy simply cannot handle the severe restrictions we had before. There just isn't as much cushion in the economy here as other northern nations have.
That's what older siblings are for - helping you sneak spoonfuls of peanut butter (a costly commodity) while Mom and Dad aren't looking.
We used to look at these barrel-sized containers of detergent and wonder who actually bought them - life with 4 kids makes these make sense.
Spotters and a bamboo ladder are just the thing to repair power lines.
Street food is vital to life in Bangkok. You never need to pack a snack.
This month we were digitally present at churches in Canada and it is always good to connect with communities and partners there. Thanks to everyone who opened their homes (or screens) to us. Matthew also spoke at OASIS again this month about living in a posture to hear from God. Matthew was also invited to speak at the ERDO staff meeting and it was awesome to put faces together with people who we've emailed with for years for ChildCARE Plus, but have yet to meet in person (thanks COVID). With our home church here in Bangkok, we continue to grow our children's ministry team and we're working to start a family small group.
At OASIS, church isn't over until the group shot is taken!
Craft time with the kids at church is always fun - messy, but fun! We learn so much from these kids and we're grateful for them.
One of our go to coffee shops is windows open, fans on as AC is a cost they can't afford anymore. COVID's impact ripples through the economy.


June 27, 2021 is World Refugee Sunday. You can use this day to learn and pray as an individual, a family, and a church community.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are no longer able to visit detainees at Immigration Detention Centres (IDC). Food and hygiene supply drop-offs are also currently not allowed. This has made communication with detainees very challenging. As we have been working towards bailing detainees out from the IDC, our efforts are slowed by this communication obstacle. There has been no clear timeline given by officials for when access might be restored and in fact, we've found communication with detainees increasingly slow. As we talk with other involved parties, we hear the same story. It has now come out that there are 300 confirmed COVID cases inside the IDC system. This is discouraging as it makes reopening even less likely.

This month we also attended an Alternatives to Detention (ATD) meeting with several branches of the government, NGO's, and UN bodies. Though there is still a long way to go, it is wonderful to hear the conversation happening about other ways to respond to refugees that do not involve arrest.


Thai schools are out for summer break (because April and May are the hottest months here). It was an uncertain school year as COVID closures shuffled children in and out of classrooms. Please pray for students as they adjust once again. For many, summer break takes away the structure and security of school, it involves helping the family business, and it may involve traveling back to their home village.

This month we also celebrated the water baptism of 15 CCP Sponsored children at Abundant Love Boarding Home near Chiang Mai. Please pray for these students who have made public declarations of their faith.


we believe there is strength in numbers

  • pray for healing from cancer for one of our CCP Program Managers
  • pray for one of our CCP students who just had an 11 hour surgery to remove a tumor.
  • pray for an ally within the IDC who is willing to help us in a legal and honouring way.
  • pray for peace in Thailand as there is ongoing political differences.
  • pray for neighbouring Myanmar as the suppression of anti-coup demonstrations has turned deadly
  • pray for refugees who are detained as it has now been months with no visitations
  • pray for refugees in the resettlement process that they would receive positive responses quickly

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