A month with restrictions but not a wasted month. Read all about May in Thailand.
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Thailand remains under restrictions as the COVID numbers have climbed here. Again, our numbers are still so much better than many other nations, but it has been record setting here. The numbers have been especially high in prisons and we imagine refugees in detention are facing similar issues. Densely populated, low income communities in the city have also been hit hard. Poverty is a factor in the spread of COVID as those without means cannot work from home or socially distance.

The vaccination plan is moving slowly, but it is picking up speed. Affluent Thais have booked "vaccine vacations" and have gone abroad to receive their jabs and do some high-end shopping. Foriegners so far have not been able to access vaccinations and it is still unclear as to when this will change.

Three areas within Thailand have been termed "sandboxes" and are attempting to re-open to international tourists. The Thai economy, which relies on tourism, is in desperate need of tourists while many Thais remain fearful amid this third wave.
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Our oldest two continue with online learning. It's not their favourite. It's not our favourite. Though no official word has been given, we suspect that this school year will not see them return to the classroom. With parks in Bangkok closed, the days do feel long as so much of it is spent indoors. Stretched but not broken is once again how we describe ourselves in this season. Most days have felt full by their end and our floor is often covered in toys like the banner picture above, but we're making it all happen and finding some joy in it too.

Izelle, who was born in Bangkok at the start of Thailand's first lockdown, is a walking reminder of the COVID timeline here. Just this past week we received word from the Canadian Government that Izelle's citizenship application has been received at the processing centre in Nova Scotia. It was submitted at the Embassy in Bangkok 15 months ago. We share this to show that around the world, COVID is creating backlogs and hopefully these challenges are driving innovation. Our prayer is that Izelle will soon have her Canadian citizenship.
During a 4 day weekend where the kids had no online school, we had to get extra creative and did an indoor campout with s'mores.
Treats are important during these times and we're thrilled that a Polish man opened up a real Pączkarnia (doughnut shop) here in Bangkok.
The pastors of our home church will be out of Thailand for a few weeks and a lovely Thai couple is stepping up in the interim. We've been asked to help with some of the hosting and preaching for online church and we're excited to support this awesome couple.

As ordained workers with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), this month we both had to renew our credentials. It's not just an administrative piece as the application involves questions for reflection. Perhaps because it has been over 2 years since we've been to Canada, but the years overseas piece really grabbed our hearts this time. For Matthew, this year is 13 years with PAOC (there's a 2 year break for him between Poland and Thailand where he worked outside of PAOC). For Amber, this is year 14 (as she worked at PAOC's Summit Pacific College during part of our transitional time in Canada). It might just be the pandemic fueling nostalgia, but this month we have taken extra time to reflect on the journey which has led us here. We're so incredibly thankful that many of you have been walking with us since day one way back in 2006.
It was life giving to join The Church on the Queensway for their Saturday prayer. Everyone needs a few heavy-hitter praying folks in their lives.
Amber and the Thailand Pentecostal Seminary Board meeting on ZOOM.
The 4 Price kids shared some of their thoughts on life, Thailand, and all things COVID for MAK (Missions and Kids). Click above to check out their video!


The Immigration Detention Centres remain closed to visits and drop-offs. As we are not able to send cash in for detainees, it is becoming harder to communicate as detainees do not have the funds to pay for phone time to call out. This is making bail paperwork harder as it slows communication. Families on the outside are becoming increasingly worried for their loved ones. Every week we have more and more people asking for help to bail out their family. In Thai prisons, criminals are having their sentences reduced to lessen overcrowding, but the IDC's have actually made it more challenging to get refugees out. We continue to work with a number of trusted organizations to push for bail.

With so many bail requests coming, we have started to build a bail request database between Life Raft and a number of like-minded NGO's. Matthew is pulling the data together and we believe this will allow multiple organizations to better intervene in bail cases.

For many refugees, who cannot work legally, their under-the-tale incomes are drying-up as the economy slows down. This month we helped a family buy sanitary products as they are a multi-generational family and the elder members are now bid ridden. Basic hygiene supplies are quickly becoming unaffordable on shrinking incomes.
Online meeting with volunteers with Life Raft's Advocacy program.
Life Raft's team meeting.
June 20 & 27, 2021 are set aside for World Refugee Sunday. You can use this day to learn and pray as an individual, a family, and a church community. Click HERE for resources from the World Evangelical Alliance and Refugee Highway Partnership.


The Ministry of Education has pushed back the start of the school year again, though some schools have the ability to begin online. Like last year, our different program locations are facing different situations and that makes it more complicated for our CCP team. Despite the uncertainty about start dates, all of our Program Managers have now received the tuition fees for children's schooling and so we are prepared and excited to ensure each sponsored child can start the school year whenever it begins.


we believe there is strength in numbers

  • pray for the pastor of OASIS as he is in hospital with COVID
  • pray for healing from cancer for one of our CCP Program Managers
  • pray for an ally within the IDC who is willing to help us in a legal and honouring way.
  • pray for peace in Thailand as there is ongoing political differences.
  • pray for neighbouring Myanmar as the suppression of anti-coup demonstrations has turned deadly
  • pray for refugees who are detained as it has now been months with no visitations and they will be left with dwindling funds
  • pray for refugees in the resettlement process that they would receive positive responses quickly
  • pray for wisdom as Thailand navigates a way forward from burst bubble to sustainable norm

CANADIAN residents can partner with us through the International Missions department of the PAOC to receive a tax receipt.
AMERICAN residents can partner with us through our American sister organization to receive a tax receipt.
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