WP Online Store is officially released today..WOOP WOOP!!

September 23rd 2011
Beta is Over. Full Release Today.

Version 1.2.8 is officially out: (with shiny new dashboard)


OK after just over a month of back and forth, nudging and poking, WP Online Store is officially out of beta and officially released.  We are sure a few bugs may pop up here and there, but that's normal. We want to thank everyone that helped us with invaluable incite and reporting over the last month or so.  Your help has got us here today.

We still want your feedback and will continually be improving the product.  So anything you think we missed or something that will improve upon our plug, do not hesitate to let us know.

To get Version 1.2.8 go to your WP admin and you will see that an upgrade is available or simply Click Here.
If you don’t get HTML emails here is the actual link:

We had a lot of requests about shipping modules, and just finished adding UPS, FED EX and USPS to the default shipping modules area.

Our new support area is set up and ready for your tickets. Go to the support area is under "Help and Stuff"
We also still have the forums at in case you would like to send support requests, comments, suggestions etc.

Look forward to your feedback / questions.
Garfield: WP Online Store
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