Slooh Celebrates International Observe the Moon Night


Join us on Saturday, October 5th, starting at 1 PM PDT | 4 PM EDT | 20:00UTC to watch spectacular views of the First Quarter Moon as we celebrate International Observe the Moon Night!

Slooh will train its huge telescopes, based at its flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, on the First Quarter Moon.

Join Slooh host, Paul Cox and our team of experts who will tell us everything there is to know about Earth's satellite!

  • Bob Berman (Strange Universe Club) will be discussing the range of lunar features viewers can watch in the live streams and from their backyards.
  • Dr Mike Shaw (Nightscapes Club) will be explaining how viewers can photograph the Moon using simple digital cameras.
  • Helen Avery (Astronomy for the Soul Club) will be telling us about the history of lunar mapping.
Bob Berman, who runs the "Strange Universe" club at Slooh said: "The Moon’s best mountain range, the Apennines, will be optimally placed during the show - almost dead center, with perfect lighting. They end abruptly on their eastern edge at the dramatic crater Eratosthenes...which brings up another topic we'll discuss during the show - the time periods or epochs in the Moon’s history, and how what we see telescopically tells the actual story of these different lunar ages."

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