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What have we been up to? 
Screening Program: Muscle Strength & Balance
We have designed and begun implementation of a program to present information and screen participants for the strength and balance of 12-24 major muscle groups.   Why would participants want to understand more about their muscle strength & balance?  Maintaiing proper balance of mucle strength around any given joint is critically important  for so many different reasons including: prevention of joint degeneration, reduction of pain, recovery from surgery, increasing energy and maximizing athletic performance.  This is a health parameter that everybody needs to know in depth, yet very few do.  The need is great.

The DxF is currently seeking venues interested in holding these free screening events on a one time or ongoing basis.  Venues desired could be public or private venues in Suffolk County, New York.   Potential venues include: physician's offices, yoga studios, fitness facilities, sporting events, team activities, gymnastic centers, dance studios, etc.  Incorporating these screens into your facilities or events benefits your clients, members or staff. and sets your organization apart from others.

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Educational Program: We are currently working on a diagnositic education program leading to certification in Muscle Strength & Balance Testing - Module 1: Major Muscles of the Arms & Legs.  

Why: The balance of muscle strength around any joint is critically important for maximizing athletic performance, prevention and treatment of biomechanical pain and recovery from injury. 
What: is covered?  Participants will learn the rationale and limits of muscle strength & balance testing, potential causes of muscle imbalances, referral procedures and how to test the major muscles of the arms and legs. 
Who: will use the program?  The program will be oriented towards physicians, physical therapists, nurses, trainers, sports coaches and instructors of physical activies such as: yoga, Alexander technique, music teachers, etc.  The program is open for anyone who wants to further their knowledge about everyday performance and overall health. 
Where: The educational component of the program will take place primarily online with participants able to learn at their own pace.  
When: It is anticipated that the course will be offered by the end of 2012.
Fully Certified examiners may be invited to participate in DxF screening events.   
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Articles considered for publication need to be focused on diagnosis in any of the domaines: body, mind, spirit, social, and environment, in addition to, health, safety, and performance.

1st Year Acomplishments

Founding Conference: Held at Seatuck Nature Preserve, the DxF is born!
Creators Conference: DxF is unveiled to the public, and the first memberships are started.
Incorporation: DxF is established as a non-profit corporation.
Board of Advisors: Our first advisor is brought on board from Dartmouth Medical Center.
Research:  The DxF participates in a collaboration that resuts in funding to undertake research on measuring functional regions of the brain and the effects of brain training on academic achievement.
Testing: The first DxF testing program is designed and initiated to screen for muscle strength and balance.  Rollout is currently underway to identify venues and the first site is selected. 
Education: The first certification course is selected in Muscle Strength and Balance.  Conceptual design, format and curriculum has been completed with first offerings anticipated in late Fall of 2012.
Newsletter: This newsletter marks the 12th issue of the DxF Newsletter for the first year.  Major topics have included: Diagnosis of Depression, New Guidelines for Mammography and Brain Assessment, 

Important Note:

The information in this newsletter is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals. You are advised to consult with your health care professional with regard to matters relating to diagnosising and treating your health, and in particular regarding symptoms that may require immediate attention. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, please seek competent medical care from your licensed healthcare provider. The information here is designed to help you make informed choices about your health. 
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