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Be a Double-Threat

3 Focus Areas for Boosting your Job Search on your Resume & LinkedIn

If you have removed the old irrelevant experience from your resume and transferred your current experience and goals to your LinkedIn profile, you’re probably feeling pretty good about your job prospects, and you should be. But, if your plan is to sit back and wait for a recruiter to call you, or for your resume to be picked up by an employer, it’s time to take a second look at how you are being perceived.

Our recruiters say that LinkedIn is the ‘new resume,’ but while applying for positions, you still need to have your ‘old’ resume handy and up-to-date.
Here are three key focus areas for better results in your job search:

1. Choose Your Keywords.
Word choice can make you easier to find online, give you higher visibility on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and let employers know if you have the skills they want. Choose your words carefully everytime you apply for a job.
Tailor your Resume for the Job you Want.
Trying to cram as many keywords into your resume as you can is an overdone ploy. ATS’ are becoming advanced enough to comprehend (some) of what your sentences say and you don’t want a garbled keyword-laden sentence to confuse the machine and reject your resume. Plus, if you do pass the ATS, a real person will look at your resume next. Be specific in your job titles, list the programs and tools you use, include a few choice keywords from the job description and watch as you move on to the interview stage.
Be More Findable: Include 'Skills' on your LinkedIn Profile.
Using keywords can move you up the list of candidates when recruiters or hiring managers are searching for specific skills, but using them just to enhance your SEO can be misleading. Compile a list of words you feel are relevant, including skills and technologies you have used and list them in the skills section so they are accessible but not overwhelming. This will boost your search-ability on LinkedIn to help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

2. Market Yourself.
You may be aware of how well you would fit in with a company, but the hiring manager has no idea. Use both formats to demonstrate who you are and what you do well. 

Take advantage of a Summary on your Resume.
Use a summary at the top of your resume to quickly tell the reviewer what you do and any specialty skills you have. Also, be sure to list your relevant technical skills in a well-organized fashion, focusing on current technologies and your areas of expertise. Use the headlines of your resume to best explain specific roles you have held, and focus on your summary statement to grab attention.

Use LinkedIn Updates to stay on Top of the Contact List.
Be a relevant LinkedIn professional by updating your status on a regular basis and updating your profile as necessary to show potential employers that you are using your page. Be careful not to update and change everything on your profile all at once as this could imply that you are changing your past experiences to appear more qualified. Instead, use updates to keep yourself on the top of your connections’ minds and use your profile to clearly demonstrate what you do.
3. Demonstrate Your Expertise.
Employers are looking for the best of the best. Show your interest and expertise in topics related to the position you are applying for and boost your image.

Describe your Accomplishments on your Resume.
Give the potential employer the details they need to see that you are a qualified candidate.  Under your job title list the things you have accomplished during each position as opposed to your day-to-day tasks. This will show potential employers your worth by demonstrating your ability to contribute to a company’s success. Use action words and be specific about your accomplishments.

Join Industry groups and Follow Companies on LinkedIn.
By being an active participant in trending discussions and technology forums, employers will know you are interested in growth and eager to learn and improve your skills.  Ask for recommendations from former or current employers and co-workers so employers can have a better, and in theory unbiased, view of how you work with others and the quality of the work you produce.  If people endorse your skills, both technical and soft, employers will see you are well-rounded and a team player.   

The rules are changing when it comes to how you present yourself. A strong, completed LinkedIn profile can’t do all of the work itself nor can a keyword rich, tech-savvy resume. These days it’s not enough to wait for someone to contact you. But, by being diligent about making updates, keeping up your connections and sharing and growing your interests, someone may just ask to see a paper copy of your resume and invite you in for an interview.

Jeremiah Program: Cook for Kids

Empowering struggling mothers committed to self-improvement

This fall ESP staff again cooked and served a meal at Jeremiah Program, a local organization whose mission is to transform families from poverty to prosperity. Women in the program must be enrolled in a post-secondary or training program, and have children under the age of five. Proud, determined, and hardworking, the women of Jeremiah Program are driven to create a brighter future for their children, but have lacked the support necessary to change their lives. ESP participated in Cook for Kids, a meal served on evenings when the mothers have life skills education.

Visit to learn more about how you can get involved!

2012 Consultant Appreciation Event

ESP Consultant Event at Pinstripes
We had a blast hosting our consultants at a bowling and bocce ball event at Pinstripes in Edina this fall in appreciation for their great work this year.  Check out more pictures here.
 October 23, 2012
Volume 2, Issue 4

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Health IT Group

ESP launches Health IT Group

We're pleased to announce our new division focusing exclusively on Health IT professionals. ESP Health IT develops and supports a community of Health IT professionals dedicated to implementing and optimizing Health IT solutions that contribute to improving and saving lives.

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Molly Johnson

Get to Know ESP:

Molly Johnson
Sales & Recruiting Coordinator

Molly is responsible for managing all of ESP’s online job resources, coordinating candidate interviews, and managing ESP’s proprietary database.

This fall, Molly is looking forward to going apple-picking and baking apple pie before winter. She recently started a new fitness regimen and hopes to use some of her new muscle while building a do-it-yourself dining room table with her husband.

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"My recruiter did a great job looking for possible opportunities. ESP's approach has an energy that instills confidence and it was evident ESP would do their best for me.”—Stacey, Technical Project Manager

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