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Issue #17

Wow! If sending these out on time were some kind of job, I would've been fired long ago. It's been a relatively uneventful few months. I didn't get hit by any cars again, so that's good. They're surprisingly difficult to avoid when you live in New York City. My southern run back in March was a success, in that I didn't get hit by any cars down there either. I mostly just drove one. 

My Very Tiny Southern Tour
The first show of the run, in Huntsville, AL, was cancelled two weeks before I even left. The booker called me, sincerely apologetic, to tell me that one of the Misfits wanted to do a last minute show the same night I was booked. "Was it like, Danzig or Jerry Only?" I asked. Because those are the only two members of Misfits I know by name. But it wasn't. It was like, a guy who was in the band during the late 90's. Bummed as I was, I may have dodged a bad night. If the booker felt that guy would pull a crowd on short notice in that market, at that venue, chances are a dad-looking, slow-burn guy like myself, standing on stage for forty-five minutes in mostly one spot, would not have been so well received. So maybe next time, Huntsville, when we're all a little older and out of our punk rock phase.

Atlanta and Asheville were a lot of fun. Driving around was a lot of fun. The view was always amazing, and there were tons of flea markets. I had hopes of stopping by everyone that caught my eye, but after the second one I gave up, for a few reasons: (1) because I didn't want to load up my luggage, (2) I didn't have that much time, and (3) Every one I stopped had at least one booth that sold rebel flag stuff, or just old racist ephemera. I thought about stealing some of it, as a very passive form of revenge, but I'm not good at stealing, and my rental car was a Chevy Spark. Nothing in either of those parking lots was under six cylinders, so if anyone decided to chase me, they'd catch up immediately. I like flea markets and old stuff, but I think for now, I'll stick to ones north of Maryland.

I Was In The New York Times!
In a serious upset to all but one of my English teachers, I published an op-ed in the New York Times over Memorial Day weekend. It was about my many years of marching experience. It was an honor to get something published there. I've been submitting for a while. You can read it here.

Everything Else:
I redid my website! After many years of just using a never-updated Tumblr, I went in and made a real website. Share it with your friends, especially if they work in showbusiness.

ALSO: My podcast "Quitting Comedy" is back in action. There's a few great new eps up already. I'll be alternating weeks between interviews and solo episodes, so check it out on iTunes.

LAST THING: I've also been doing some more animated stuff. I put everything in a handy YouTube playlist. I'll do more as time permits.

Thanks for reading. Come to a show!

- Jim

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