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Ten Tewsletters in already! Time really flies, I tell you. I usually don't stick with things this long unless I'm being paid to. This newsletter doesn't make me any money, so I guess I'm just doing it for the love of the game. I never thought I'd love writing a newsletter this much, but here I am, ten issues in and still feeling a deep, deep passion for it. Maybe it's been my life's purpose this whole time, to write a newsletter about myself that several-hundred (overestimation) people (theoretically) read every month. Maybe it's my calling?

Anyway, I unknowingly performed for two interesting people last week. The first one was Kevin Hart, who did a drop in at the Comedy Cellar's Village Underground. He must've walked in while I was on stage. I had a solid set, and he had to follow it. Which was pretty easy for him actually because he's unbelievably famous, talented, and funny. I don't think a room full of people has forgotten my name so quickly as they did that night.

The second one was the Friday before that at the Village Underground. I stepped on stage and felt a chilling, evil presence in an otherwise electric room. I assumed it was the ghost of a bitter comic, but I found out it was just Ann Coulter. As a group, the crowd was amazing so I assume at some point that even Ann Coulter laughed, or made whatever guttural noise her version of laughing is, and I caused it. I felt a little weird about that because I hate the idea of bringing end-of-the-week relief to Ann Coulter. But whatever, my jokes don't always have good aim.

That night I tried to picture her laughing at my set, and I couldn't. I mean I couldn't even picture her laughing. I imagined, at most, she half-smiles, and makes noises she thinks others will interpret as laughter, and for a few more minutes, she's convinced those around her that she's a human with thoughts and feelings. I couldn't see it being very natural. I wouldn't even be surprised if instead of laughing, she just said the word "laughter" over and over again where she thought she was supposed to laugh. Later that night, I even went so far as to google "Ann Coulter laughing." I found a supercut that proved I wasn't far off.

Of course, there's also a chance that she didn't laugh at all because I tell jokes about cats and shit which is a pretty clear indicator that I am a liberal snowflake. That's fine, Kevin Hart told me I was funny.

P.S. I had to reschedule my Philly dates. So now I'll be there in September with the incredibly funny Chad Daniels.

Thanks, everyone!
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