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Issue #12

Oh wow. Number twelve. That means we've been together for a full year, at least. Probably a little extra considering I'm late on this one. I have to apologize, as I know some of you build your lives around this monthly email. I only put a little bit of pressure on myself to get this out on time, because I've been trying to avoid things making things feel like real work for my entire adult life. I'm not about to start with a free monthly newsletter. 

A few nights ago in the west village I stopped to watch this guy who hits little milk cartons across the street with a pitching wedge. He does it regularly, it's his thing. I'm pretty sure he makes and modifies the milk cartons himself, because they have celebrity faces on them and they're all taped up. He hits them across the street into a crate. He's surprisingly good at it, and he's really concerned with the safety of pedestrians. He lines five or six cartons up, waits until the sidewalks are clear with the exception of spectators, then knocks them across the street into a milk crate.

I'd heard about the guy and seen him around a few times, but I never actually watched him do it. This night my timing was good, and he was lining up to hit just as I walked by. But then some foot traffic delayed him. It kept delaying him, but I kept waiting. Then I thought "Why the fuck am I waiting to watch a man hit little milk cartons across a street with a pitching wedge?" Then I remembered that I had nothing better to do, and I was grateful for the free time. I live pretty hand to mouth, and I'll probably die in a Trump hospital at forty-five but I get to "stop and smell the roses" a lot. Though I don't like phrasing it like that because I have allergies, so I'm changing the adage: "You gotta stop and watch a guy hit tiny milk crates with a sand wedge once in a while, or life will pass you by."

Thanks for sticking around this long! I'll be in Austin, Philly, and Denver soon, and New York always. Come see a show. Tell your friends. Call your senators.


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