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Issue #14

Wow, totally missed a month there. Really sorry to anyone who uses this newsletter to mark time. Not sure why you’d do that, but my apologies to you regardless. I’d actually written this issue out close to on time, but never sent it out. I wrote it while I was in Denver. I had a bunch of funny observations about Denver and how stoned everyone is there because weed is too accessible haha. It was solid, but I didn’t send it because it felt uneventful. Now, a month later, I’ve got two unrelated events to cover: 1) I got hit by a car, and 2) I’ve started a podcast.

Event #1: I got hit by a car
I never sent out last month’s issue because I thought “I’ll wait until I have something more to talk about.” Two days later, I was back home in New York, walking to the dentist, thinking about my uneventful life. I was crossing the street, and a silver sedan blew the stop sign and clipped my back foot as I hopped to avoid it. My feet flew upwards, and my face flew down, into the street. I’m fine, just a few scrapes, a sweet black eye, and a sprained wrist. The EMT’s checked me out, and all that. I'm ok.

The driver never stopped. Which I get. It’s incredibly expensive and draining to deal with something like hitting a pedestrian. You’re already in a car, so why not just drive away? There were two witnesses, but they were too far away to get the car’s plates. One called 911, and the other helped clean me up. They stayed with me until the ambulance showed up. So the good people to bad people ratio is still favoring the good 2:1. It confirmed my belief that New Yorkers mostly give a shit about each other. It also confirmed my belief that the city is trying to shake me off. If you’re a New Yorker, it’s a feeling you get at least once a week. It’s like it the city knows it’s filling up, so it’s trying to flick a few of us off. It’s saying “Go live somewhere else. They have pizza and taxi cabs everywhere now.” But I can’t leave. I have a rent stabilized apartment.

Event #2: I’ve started a podcast.
I've started a podcast called "Quitting Comedy." I'm not quitting, I just fantasize about it every once in a while. Like how people with jobs in cubicles fantasize about doing comedy. Surprisingly (but maybe not surprisingly), a lot of comics and writers fantasize about doing something else with their lives, and that's mostly what I'll be talking about. I like hearing about what keeps people going, even when several red flags are being waved in their face. It's a podcast about perseverance more than anything. 

I've done a few interviews already, and it's been fun talking to friends about their ups and downs, and what they'd be doing if comedy just wasn't a thing. I think you'll like it. Search "Quitting Comedy" in iTunes and subscribe (or click here). New episodes will be going up weekly on Tuesdays starting 10/17.

And here's a link if you'd rather listen right in the browser.

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