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2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Old Sugar Mill
Old Sugar Mill Delta Days ArtWalk
Sat, March 14 12-4pm
35265 Willow Ave  
Food, wine, music and local art! 

Cheryl Wheeler
Sat, March 14 7pm
2708 J Street
Cheryl Wheeler featuring Kenny White
Sat, March 14 
2325 J Street
DreamSequence by Steve Anaya AKA VoxVandal 

Second Saturday Art Walk Exhibits 3/14/15

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Art of Toys
Archival Gallery
3223 Folsom Blvd, 6-9pm
Featured Exhibit: "Teacher/Student/Teacher"

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Arthouse
1021 R Street, 6-9pm
Featured Exhibit: "The Whole Ball of Wax"

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: The Art Studios
Art of Toys
1126 18th Street, 11am
Featured Exhibit: Kaleidoscopes

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Axis Gallery
The Art Studios
1727 I Street, 5:30-9pm
Featured Artist: Samuel Santi

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Arthouse
Atelier 20
915 20th Street, 11am-9pm
Featuring local artist, Blue Reid

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: b. sakata garo
b. sakata garo
923 20th Street, 6-9pm
New works by Jack Ogden

The Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex
2837 36th Street, 12-6pm
Daphne Burgess Pop-Up Market

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Delta Workshop
Delta Workshop

2598 21st Street, 6-8pm
Things That Fell Apart

E Street Gallery
1115 E Street, 5-9pm
Featured Exhibit: "Focused-Unfocused" 

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Elliot Fouts Gallery
Elliott Fouts Gallery
1831 P Street, 6-9pm 
A group show featuring new landscape artists

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: EN EM Art Space
EN EM Art Space
1714 Broadway, 6-9pm
Reilluminate: Solo Exhibition of Works by Allison Watkins

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Fe Gallery
Little Relics Boutique & Galleria
908 21st Street 11am-9pm
Featured Artists: Eben Burgoon, Eric Decetis & Rachel Rei

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: JAYJAY
Red Dot Gallery
2231 J Street, 6-9pm
Featured Exhibit: "Common Threads"

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Shimo Center for the Arts
Shimo Center for the Arts
2117 28th Street, 6-8:30pm
Featured Exhibit: Luminous Color

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Shimo Center for the Arts
Sol Collective
2574 21st Street, 6-9pm
Featured Artist: Nancy Ledesma

2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Shimo Center for the Arts
Sparrow Gallery
2418 K Street, 6-9pm
"A Scene From Afar" Group Landscape Show
2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Tim Collom Gallery
Tim Collom Gallery
915 20th Street, 11am-9pm
New Work by Tim Collom
2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Viewpoint Photographic Art Center
Viewpoint Photographic Art Center
2015 J Street, 5-9pm
Ann Mitchell, Meditative Spaces Found While Traversing the Razor's Edge
2nd Saturday ArtWalk: Viewpoint Photographic Art Center
White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J Street, 5-8pm

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