The final round of tickets for Lundahl & Seitl's major new work, Proscenium, will be released on Wednesday 29 August at 12 noon local time (11am GMT). We expect tickets to sell out fast, so we strongly recommend you book early to avoid disappointment. 

Marble Hall, Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten), Stockholm.

Sound recording at Dramaten, actors and microphone for three dimensional sound.

2-17 November
Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten), Stockholm

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Please read on to find out more about the development of Proscenium -- a work that has been in the making for the last two years...

With Proscenium, Lundahl & Seitl continue asking questions about autonomy -- that is, the condition of existence -- of a work of art. Allowing it to take on substance, only when the visitors enters inside the work, where they become immersed in it.

"Proscenium is a Requiem for the Theatre; An inverted darkened stage, serves as the backdrop
and a departure for the visitors' journey through the building where The Theatre is playing itself. 

"The project examines the proscenium theatre's history: the theatre as a site and as an art form,
how, absorbed in its own vision, it may have failed to see itself. The project is a deep dive into
the theatre's inner mechanics -- a trip designed with inspiration from the theatre's architecture
and life therein."

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