Lundahl & Seitl

Rotating in a Room of Images

3-6 November, STUK Studio
Playground Festival, STUK, Leuven, Belguim

Rotating In A Room of Images will be showing at STUK, in Belguim, during their Playground Festival - a meeting point for performing arts and visual arts.

In this intense experience, a disembodied voice guides the visitor through a series of enigmatic encounters.
Steeped in collective memory, Rotating in a Room of Images uses the gallery space as a departure point from which to access traces left by art history. The visitor is followed by their own observations, as if haunted, in a space that is collapsable; sliding doors and moving walls take a single visitor through an itinerary of gallery spaces that shift in size and move through time, all taking place in a faint chiaroscuro that fades to total darkness.

Rotating in a Room Of Images  was developed at BAC.


Last year Lundahl & Seitl were awarded the prestigious Cullberg Prize for choreography; this year the duo's trans-disciplinary practice has received further recognition. 
Lundahl & Seitl have been selected to receive the Edstrandska Contemporary Art Award, one of the largest awards in Sweden. The artists have also been announced as winners of the Young Directors Award at Salzburg Festival, powered by Montblanc. Running since 2002, this award recognizes works that are leading the way for the future of theatre.

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