Symphony of a Missing Room

Commissioned by MIRfestival
The Acropolis Museum, Athens
7-13 December

Symphony of a Missing Room continues its European tour to The Acropolis Museum in Athens this December. Working through the most extraordinary events in Greece, director Christiana Galanopoulou here describes why she chose to bring the work to Athens at this time

Why Symphony in Athens now?
Symphony of a Missing Room is a unique work of contemporary art: poetic, meaningful and incredibly innovative. Lundahl & Seitl have their own way of looking at history, at art, at time. Greece is going through a very hard period in its history. If there have ever been any certainties, all of them are now being questioned. In times like this, the most fragile things are the intangible ones: understanding history, being part of a civilised society, having a vision, experiencing time in perspective. All the things we were proud of in the Europe we have known up till now are at this moment ready to collapse. The most endangered one is vision: as vision is what gives a society the wings to fly towards tomorrow, it is the most powerful and at the same time the most fragile thing we have. If someone wanted to break a society, one would strike out at that place: at its most visionary agents. And this is what Greece is going through at this time. Symphony is about vision, about the human ability to use our imagination to comprehend the past and dream of the future. As the artists state, in their text with writer Gemma Sharpe, “history is proposed here as a kind of 'backwards prophesying': The art museum thus becomes a repository of disjunct visuals that project, prophesy and document both the past and the future”. 

MIRfestival is an international contemporary art festival which welcomes experimental and adventurous creation at the meeting point of arts, at the crossroads of performing arts and visual new media. It shares meaningful, fresh, exciting works of contemporary art with Athenians. It enables meetings between artists and between artists and the audience. It is a place where artists share their vision of the world with audiences ready to make a shift, to question their views, to be propelled to new horizons and to see new realities emerge. Lundahl & Seitl's work is situated exactly at the point where a completely new genre is being born for contemporary art, as it evolves a new type of artwork centred on the area in between the embodied and the virtual aspects of human experience. 
MIRfestival has made a huge effort to make this work happen in Athens and share it with the Athenian audience, exactly because it is extremely important that people experience this work at this particular time. The Acropolis Museum has been chosen not only because it is the most representative museum of the city, but also because it is a symbol for what Greece has offered to humanity: civilisation, which is now endangered. Extremely honoured by that, MIRfestival has been exceptionally granted the permission to present Symphony in The Acropolis Museum: it is the first time a contemporary work of art is being hosted by The Acropolis Museum and particularly in the permanent collection galleries.
Christiana Galanopoulou

New website launched:

Lundahl & Seitl's new website is now live, allowing visitors to explore each work as well as the connections that led from one work to another. The works evolve out from their first collaboration, My Voice Shall Now Come from the Other Side of the Room, through to their most recent project, Proscenium, which showed in Stockholm this month.   

With thanks to Marcus Gilroy-Ware and Nandi Hanuman Katish Nobel

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