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Philipp Otto Runge (1777-1810) Die Hülsenbeckschen Kinder, 1805

Technology and the Child

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This fascinating panel discussion took place at Färgfabriken on 25 October, alongside the exhibition urSinnen. We've picked out some highlights for you... 

Martina and Christer's presentations.
[ 00:03:37 ]

Helena Granström's presentation.
00:15:38 ]

Erica Tanos' presentation.
[ 00:20:15

Ronald Jones' presentation.
[ 00:26:36 ]
Answering the question, “What would you say if a transhumanist questioned your activities and said they were unethical?”
[ 00:39:11 ]
Answering the question, “How could you work with experiences in the future if people aren’t having physical experiences anymore, and their experiences were just virtual?”
[ 00:51:28 ]
Answering the question, “Does anyone have a fantastic prognosis for what is often depicted as a dystopic future where children are disconnected from the real world?”
[ 00:53:39 ]
Responding to a visitor describing living in a remote valley in Peru with no access to technology, and posing the question, “Should our children have ‘no screen days’?”
[ 01:02:11 ]

Talking about the hidden agendas of technology companies. 
[ 01:13:17 ]

Talking about the absence of technology. 
[ 01:18:05 ]
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