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Photo: Joakim Olsson

Unknown Cloud on its way to Kópavogur


16:30, 29 & 30 October 2016
By Kópavogskirkja Church, Kópavogur
-- wear warm clothing --
-- bring a pair of headphones --
-- download the smartphone app before arriving -- 

Cycle Music and Art Festival

Using cloud scanning radars and long wave transmitters, an initial power surge detected what appears to be two electromagnetic clouds. A particle wave formation that transmits a live feed between two separate locations as they move in the troposphere.

The clouds appear to be harmless, but the temporal evolution of the properties of the clouds remains unknown. For scientific reasons they are currently tracked, seemingly in a constant materialised state while interchanging spatial locations. 

Lundahl & Seitl have developed a tracking application, using advanced technology, to make the data accessible through cellular headphones. 

The experience will lead participants through a uniformed stream of consciousness, connecting them to the location of the listener and listeners at the location of the other cloud through parallel layers.

People interacting with the cloud have stated that it is playing on one key evolutionary function: that it is our ability to create and share stories that have made us good at collaborating in large groups. 

A more precise GPS location will be announced. There will be someone at the location giving instructions in anticipation of the arrival of the cloud.

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Dharamsing Teron's experience of interacting with the Cloud

The experience of Unknown Cloud is straight out of science fiction. Who you are, you are not. What you are, you are not. Where you are, it seems too barely matter any longer. An ironic paradox: you are not pretending, but you are not really you, but you are someone else out there. It’s so surreal but at the same time, it’s really happening, you are part of it, because the sound is real, the “voice” is real, and without being able to “see” with my physical eyes, I can feel it, I can hear the voice talking to me, as if in a dream. But it is not a dream; I am awake. And I am listening; this is real. I am assured in my trust. And I know how important trust is before I go into the unknown.

Unknown Cloud holds both mystery and romance for me. If I am used to sunshine, I am also used to the cloud and rain. What matters is Unknown Cloud, that I am led to confront through digital media. What, however, does not matter is the distance in the 'digital frontier'. Why? Because there is no frontier, we are all suspended within it, and it is endless, and extends as far as our imagination can travel. It is an invitation to imagine, a guided tour through a digital wilderness. As the Cloud approaches, I can hear what I have never heard before in my lifetime. There are sea (?) birds chirping, merged with the sound of an ocean of waves, which are immersing me within a perfect environment for my impending encounter with the Cloud. As the Cloud approaches, I am introduced to a ‘new’ sound, one, which normally, I cannot hear. I have never heard this ‘new’ sound before in my entire lifetime. It is the sound of solar activities, translated into sound for my ‘first’ experience. How amazing it is to realise that this primitive solar sound exists together with the light that we all can see, but cannot hear! 

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