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Time of No Time - Dome of Visions

Date: 11 November 2015
Time: 17.00 - 19.00
Place: Dome of Visions, KTH, Valhallavägen 79, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden

17.00-17.45: Artist duo Lundahl & Seitl will talk with Professor Ronald Jones (School of Design, Harvard University) about the process of working on their most recent creation: Time of No Time.

17.45-18.30: Audience members are invited to be among the first to experience a prototype version of Time of No Time. 

18.30-19.00: Discussion about the experience of Time of No Time, how it operates and what its effects may be.

To join the event, please RSVP to:

Time of No Time is an artwork by Lundahl & Seitl, initiated and commissioned by curators Hanna Wörman and Kirsten Hinder. Produced with the assistance of Sara Lindström, by AKOI Solutions AB, Hanna Wörman and Kirsten Hinder, together with Lundahl & Seitl, with financial support from Konstnärsnämnden, Innovativ Kultur and Kulturrådet.

About Time of No Time
“For the first time in history a system is created through which we can directly experience a relationship with the movement of celestial bodies."
-- Lundahl & Seitl

With Time of No Time, Lundahl & Seitl set out to create an interaction between the audience’s immediate environment, their physical movements, the rotation of the earth and the relative positions of celestial bodies in the solar system.

In their previous works, Lundahl & Seitl have often created 'a residual feeling of presence' of something that is not really there - for example the touch of a hand as simulated by a synthetic stimulation of the senses. TNT will do the opposite: it will create the presence of something that is around us all the time, but we do not usually experience. As humans, we have learned to visualise - but not to feel the world through body-sensations. We are not aware of our body perception, even if it is there all the time, unconsciously effecting everything we think, say or do.

Can the universe’s 'movements' really be felt? Can they be experienced physically? We know that the earth revolves although we do not know it. 

Time of No Time sets out to reprogramme our unconscious, habitual, collective / cultural misconceptions about space and the universe, with the hypothesis that it will affect our brain, perception, behaviour, thinking, being and decision making, and culture itself.

The inspiration for this project has been ‘the overview effect’ that some astronauts have reported from their space travel. The term was coined by the philosopher Frank White, and refers to a change in consciousness caused by seeing Earth from space:

"... When we experience ‘the overview effect’ by seeing the Earth from space, we see that the earth is a whole system where everything is connected and interdependent."
-- Frank White

The project's motivation is to evoke an experience inspired by the 'the overview effect', but induced through technology and bodily illusions here on earth, in order to provide a large number of people with the same possibility to have new perspectives on our planet.

Time of No Time uses a number of key technologies to enable the applications functionality. A mobile device, running iOS8 or above, with location services enabled to access the user's location and orientation during an experience. A number of web-based API’s are used in order to feed real-time data for an experience, for example, the current weather at a user's location. This information is then used, together with the latest 3D audio libraries within iOS, to dynamically drive the appropriate narrative and spatialised audio to the user during an experience. The research and prototype of TNT has been developed by AKOI Solutions.

Time of No Time (TNT) is an interdisciplinary and multi-sensory digital system by Lundahl & Seitl that combines narrative, instruction, choreography, 3D sound and interactive navigation in an immersive experience. Completely unique to each visitor, the experience creates new connections between human movements and movements that occur in real time in the universe, using smartphone technology.

To join the event, please RSVP to:

IMPORTANT: Part of the event involves experiencing a prototype of TNT, and visitors who wish to take part will need an Apple mobile device running iOS8 or later, and to use their Apple registered email address when they RSVP. 

A link to a download of the application for TNT will be sent to them prior to the event, and the installation should be performed prior to arrival. Visitors are asked to bring their own headphones. 

For visitors using Android there will be a few Apple devices on loan at the Dome.
Copyright © 2015 Lundahl & Seitl, All rights reserved.

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