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Symphony of a Missing Room

Tickets are now on sale for Symphony of a Missing Room at Fierce Festival.

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Fierce Festival, Birmingham, 22 - 27 March 2011
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This work was originally co-commissioned by Weld in association with the National Museum of Sweden. The European Tour has been been subsequently supported by Fierce and Birmingham City Council.

Rotating in a Room of Images

In this intense and solo experience, a disembodied voice guides you through a series of enigmatic encounters. Corridors and rooms appear and disappear to explore experiences often felt but less often articulated – the dislocation from your own body experienced when emerging from sleep, dreams in which you feel you’re floating and the potential self-revelation that can occur on meeting and engaging with strangers.

One-on-One Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, 29 March - 9 April 2011
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