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Lundahl & Seitl

Symphony of a Missing Room
4 - 12 November 2010
Museum M Leuven, Belgium

After hosting the works of so many artists, perhaps the Museum has understood,

that it has has the power to imitate them. Fabio Mauri

Symphony of a Missing Room is a project by artist duo Lundahl & Seitl, commissioned for a series of museums in the UK and around Europe between 2010 - 2012.
Growing along a chain of situations and places, it is an artwork in a constant state of becoming.
Exhibited inside museums as well as being a temporal museum about itself, Symphony... reflects back on its own chain of discoveries. As a composite artwork it exists in virtual parallel to the physical spaces it inhabits. 
The next commission of the work is for Museum M in Leuven, Belgium. 
It is a co-production with STUK - an art centre known for its forward thinking projects and exhibitions - where performance and visual art meet every year in their Playground Festival.
The work is both a collective and extremely personal journey around the rooms of M, the Museum Leuven.
Via wireless headphones, a voice takes visitors on a guided tour that traverse layers of physical and imaginary architecture of the museum and the existing curatorial space with its arrangement of artworks and objects therein. 
By the use of choreography, multi-sensory illusions and sound recordings the visitors attention is steered away from the visible and tangible world and diverted into a new perception of time and space.

The work operates in proximity to the museum collection, the geographical and temporal space of the museum, and also the individual sensibilities of the work's visitor. 
This proximity opens a space of potentiality. 

A sensorium of imaginary architecture is built, often in direct relation to the concepts and visions of those artists whose works were placed in the museum long before. Symphony places a new emphasis on their thoughts and aims, presenting a new art history of the objects in the museum, at the same time as it evaporates the works within - they become a memory, leaving no shadow.


To book a place and for information about Symphony of a Missing Room
and the Playground Festival contact Karen Verlinden  

For information about Museum M contact Tine D'haeyere on:
Phone +32 497 378401 
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