Looking forward: 2012

Lundahl & Seitl are looking forward to a busy year ahead including the launch of a major new commission, Proscenium, a national tour of the exhibition The Infinite Conversation and a curatorial project spanning Vita kuben's spring season. 
Alongside this the artists are working on a new commission of Symphony of a Missing Room by Kampnagel for Hamburger Kunsthalle and a series of other commissions with international institutions, to be announced later in the year.

Curating Vita kuben

Lundahl & Seitl, Niklas Tafra & Alia Pathan, Henning Lundkvist
January-May 2012
When artistic duo Lundahl and Seitl were invited to curate the 2012 spring season at Vita kuben, they invited artists Niklas Tafra and Henning Lundkvist to join them. Together, they've chosen to tackle this spring's three exhibitions as parts in a series. An idea will be presented and allowed to develop over time, while the boundaries between artwork and exhibition, artist and curator, are broken down.



Commissioned and co-produced with the Royal National Theater, Stockholm (Dramaten). Developed over the year through research onsite.
Opens November 2012
Proscenium is a requiem for the theatre. An inverted, darkened stage serves as a departure point for the visitors' journey through the building where the theatre is playing itself.  


The Infinite Conversation

National tour throughout Sweden. Organised by Riksutställningar, researched in collaboration with Weld and toured in association with Magasin 3.
Autumn 2012

In this work, Lundahl & Seitl shatter and divide the solo instructional voice that they have used in previous projects, producing a work in which the visitor is gently pushed into an environment of darkened language, with disembodied voices exchanging dialogue around and perhaps even through the body of each entrant.

Lectures and Workshops

Lundahl & Seitl spent the Autumn term of 2011 giving a series of workshops and lectures in Stockholm.
In collaboration with a variety of universities and courses, the artists used different aspects of their practice as an heuristic approach to the different disciplines.
  • KTH, Royal Technical Academy and the Stockholm School of Architecture, BA Architecture
  • DOCH Stockholm University of Dance and Choreography, MA New Practices
  • Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, MA Sound Art
They also spoke on the panel, Exhibiting Experiences at Konstfack (Stockholm University of the Arts) with Richard Julin (Curator, Magasin 3) and Ronald Jones PhD (Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Konstfack). Lundahl & Seitl talked about knowledge in relation to perceptionwww.designingtime.se

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