The ticket release for Proscenium is today Friday, June 15 at 12.00 noon.
We will only release half  of the slots, the rest will be released after the summer.

However we strongly recommend booking early, as tickets are very limited.

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Follow this page to learn about our process of developing Proscenium
- a work that been in the making the last 2 years.

With Proscenium, Lundahl & Seitl continue asking questions about autonomy
that is, the condition of existence - of a work of art. Allowing it to take on substance,
only when the visitors enters inside the work, where they become immersed in it.

"Proscenium is a Requiem for the Theatre; An inverted darkened stage, serves as the backdrop
and a departure for the visitors journey through the building where The Theatre is playing itself. 

The project examines the proscenium theater's history: the theater as a site and as an art form,
how it absorbed in its own vision may have failed in seeing itself. The project is a deep dive into
the theater's inner mechanics - a trip designed with inspiration from the theaters architecture
and life therein".

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