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Symphony - Momentum, Momentum Kunsthall & Galleri F15, 2015. Photo: Ingeborg Øyen Thorsland.

Symphony – FRAC

Festival Parallèle, 27-30 January 2016
FRAC Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, Marseille

Symphony – FRAC is a unique adaptation of Symphony of a Missing Room for Festival Parallèle, a composite artwork that reflects on the museum as phenomenon. Symphony is an artwork that collects museums and exhibitions, and learns from them. A certain self-awareness arises through the work, as if the museum itself is reflecting on what it has become.

Symphony – FRAC creates a closed system in which reality entirely originates from the perceiver, as a form of projection, allowing the visitor’s perception to become the medium of the work. The visitor holds the work’s potential meaning as well as the means by which to receive it.  

With the support of Institut Suédois.

With the support of Lieux publics, centre national de création en espace public (national creation centre in public space) & IN SITU, réseau européen pour la création artistique en espace public (European network for artistic creation in public space), as part of the project META 2011-2016 funded by the European Commission (DGEAC Culture Programme).
Den här datorn, Olle Essvik and Joel Nordvist (eds.), Rojal Förlag, 2015
Edition of 750
200 SEK

Den här datorn (My Computer) is an examination of the role of the computer in Swedish art from the first personal computer to the present day. The book gathers interviews, documents and works with and by some 40 artists, researchers and curators who in various ways have worked with computers and art in Sweden during the last 30 years.

Featured: Channa Bankier, Beeoff, Erik Berglin & Clement Valla, Jim Berggren, Donatella Bernardi, Göran Boardy, Thomas Broomé, Beck & Jung, Erik Bünger, Palle Dahlstedt, Leif Elggren, Carl Michael von Hausswolff och Ulf Bilting, Hans Esselius, Goldin + Senneby, Peter Hagdahl, Johannes Heldén & Håkan Jonson, Karin Hansson, Johan Fowelin och Åsa Andersson Broms, Lisa Jevbratt, Ann-Charlotte och Sture Johannesson, Veine Johansson, Geraldine Juaréz, Arijana Kajfes, Stefan Karlsson och Mats Olsson, Anna Kindvall, Tove Kjellmark, Raquel Meyers, Lars Midbøe, Björn Norberg, Ola Pehrson, Piratbyrån, Lina Persson, Jonas Lund, Anna Lundh, Lundahl & Seitl, Syntjuntan, Pär Thörn, Arne Kjell Vikhagen, Lars Vipsjö, Magnus Wallin, Björn Wangen, Magnus Wassborg, Teresa Wennberg, Kristoffer Zetterstrand.
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