Spring/Summer 2012
Work continues on Lundahl & Seitl's major new commission, Proscenium, currently under development at Dramaten in Stockholm. Meanwhile, there's the opportunity to catch existing works Rotating in a Room of Images and The Infinite Conversation as they travel to new locations, and the last chance to catch Lundahl & Seitl's curatorial project at Vita Kuben before the final exhibition in the series closes on 12 May. 

Curating Vita Kuben: final exhibition

 Lundahl & Seitl, Niklas Tafra & Alia Pathan, Henning Lundkvist

 19 January – 12 May 2012

When artistic duo Lundahl and Seitl were invited to curate the 2012 spring season at Vita Kuben, they invited artists Niklas Tafra and Henning Lundkvist to join them. Together, they've chosen to tackle this spring's three exhibitions as parts in a series. An idea will be presented and allowed to develop over time, while the boundaries between artwork and exhibition, artist and curator, are broken down. 

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Rotating in a Room of Images
Röda Sten, Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival

19-26 May 2012

Steeped in collective memory, Rotating in a Room of Images uses the gallery space as a departure point from which to access traces left by art history. The visitor is followed by their own observations, as if haunted, in a space that is collapsable; sliding doors and moving walls take a single visitor through an itinerary of gallery spaces that shift in size with move through time, all taking place in a faint chiaroscuro that fades to total darkness.

In this intense experience, a disembodied voice guides the visitor through a series of enigmatic encounters. Corridors and rooms appear and disappear as you explore experiences often felt but less often articulated - the dislocation from your own body experienced when emerging from sleep, dreams in which you feel you're floating and the potential self-revelation that can occur on meeting and engaging with strangers.

Developed at BAC.

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The Infinite Conversation

École d'Art d'Avignon, Avignon Festival

13-22 July 2012

At the 66th Avignon Festival visitors will be led by hand, entering a darkened gallery where they drift into discussions held between disembodied voices.
The Infinite Conversation creates a situation with no autonomy; it is created anew by its proximity to each visitor as they enter. The work is a living organism that forms memories, learns and ultimately forms habits.

Originally commissioned by Magasin 3.

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Later this year...

Symphony of a Missing Room, Hamburger Kunsthalle, produced by International Sommerfestival, Hamburg (August 2012)
Curatorial project: BAUER, Jönköping Konst Museum (opens 10 October 2012)
Proscenium, Dramaten, Stockholm (2 – 18 November 2012)
Symphony of a Missing Room, Mir Festival, Athens (December 2012)

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