We are currently on a residency at 1 Shanthi road Arts Centre
Bangalore India.

The project, we will research and develop whilst being in Bangalore, is an audio walk that begins at the Arts Centre in Bangalore leading out into the city.  Making walks is a way to get to know a local area - to learn its habits, the reoccurrence of events in an itinerary through the cycles of day to day life.

in this research we ask ourselves questions about the the situated self: of who we are in relation to culture, space and surroundings, we ask ourself these questions in order to comprehend the emergence of a virtual self coming to existence, parallel to our physical selves.
Three or Four Works

One Thousand and One Nights
is pleased to invite you to encounter Three or Four Works by Lee Welch, Lundahl & Seitl (in collaboration with Gemma Sharpe), Niklas Tafra (in collaboration with Enrico Glerean, Hannes Lewné and Rickard Strand) and Henning Lundkvist presented by radiowy.
Three our Four Works
Thursday 5.30pm 16 December 2010 
Mauritsstraat 36, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

To see documentation images of Symphony of a Missing Room, Museum M, Leuven, please email us and we will invite you to the DropBox folder.


Symphony of a Missing Room
- New commissions 2011 -



15/3 - 26/3 2011

A commission by the Belgian Art Centre: Vooruit and the festival the game is up!

in co-production with S.M.A.K, the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium. 



22/3 - 5/4 2011

A commission by Fierce Festival for Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.



Symphony of a Missing Room
is produced and developed by Weld and Fierce.

European Tour of the project - organised by Fierce. Supported by the city of Birmingham.

Click here for more information about the project



Commissions further on in the year  

will be announced in the beginning of 2011.

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