February Newsletter

Lundahl & Seitl

We are currently in research and development for two new commissions of Symphony of a Missing Room, which tours to museums in Ghent (BE) and Birmingham (UK) in March (details on the right hand side of this email).

About Symphony of a Missing Room
"After hosting the works of so many artists, perhaps the Museum has understood that it has has the power to imitate them." Fabio Mauri

Symphony of a Missing Room is a project by artist duo Lundahl & Seitl, commissioned for a series of museums in the UK and around Europe between 2010-2012. The work is reinvented for each new site, referring to the new museum's architecture and curatorial choices and reflecting those of previous museums, growing along a chain of situations and places. It is an artwork in a constant state of becoming.
At each site, a group of visitors is guided through the museum by an audio recording played through headphones. Over the course of the performance a new architecture is created. The work is born from the museum's collection, the geographical and temporal space of the museum and the individual sensibilities of the visitor. Symphony of a Missing Room places a new emphasis on the thoughts and aims of artists whose works are in the collection, presenting a new art history of the objects on display. At the same time the works evaporate - they become a memory, leaving no shadow.

The process of creating Symphony of a Missing Room at S.M.A.K.
We spent time in the museum building just to connect to the artworks and the existing curatorial space. Our approach was to capture what appeared to us, rather than research the background and intention of the works on display. Some interesting connections have come out of this process…

One artist's work explores the uncontrollable zone between dreaming and waking. What we take from this is the dream of an individual who cannot free himself from collective memory. This translates into the work for a point during Symphony when the visitor feels as if they are being dreamt by the museum, that they are inside a dream in which they are not completely themselves; they do not know what is coming next and what hides behind the corner.

A disembodied voice will lead the visitor on a collaborative process of re-interpreting the artworks and the idea of the museum itself, through a series of instructions, choreographed cues and suggestions.

Symphony of a Missing Room: Commissions

15 - 26 March 2011
S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art), Ghent (BE)

Commissioned by Vooruit for the festival The Game is Up!
www.vooruit.be (book tickets here)

22 March - 5 April 2011
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham (UK)

Commissioned by Fierce Festival

Symphony of a Missing Room is produced and developed by Weld and Fierce Festival.
The European tour of the project is supported by Fierce and Birmingham City Council.

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