The Elephant in the Room

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Here is a recent picture of our family.  We are loving having our whole family together for a few more weeks before Tyler heads back to the US.

Dear Family and Friends, 
There is a lot of good news to update you about and some prayer requests as well.  We'll start off with an urgent request before we get to the good news.  
Thailand is known for its elephants and one of the main tourist attractions here is to ride an elephant.  Elephants are majestic and enormous creatures and cannot be ignored or overlooked. We currently have an "elephant in our room" that we cannot ignore.  Just yesterday, we just received an email from TeachBeyond that our account is in the negative and they are cutting our salary by 15% this month and will increase the cut next month until our deficit is gone. This has come at a bad time for us as we still have bills from Todd's trip to Germany and urgent house repairs, German school tuition and German taxes due (our last tax bill!!). This is the first time our salary has been cut during our 7 years with TeachBeyond. 

Would you consider a one-time gift to help us get our account into the positive?
Would you consider becoming one of our ministry partners?
If you are a ministry partner, would you consider increasing your support? 
We are praying for 20 new ministry partners to replenish the 2000 dollars monthly we have lost the past few years (this can be regular gifts of 25, 50, 100 or 250 dollars).
Having our support level at 100 percent allows us to pay our bills and kids' school tuition, save for retirement, and travel to the US for our home assignment every three years. Living under-supported means that one or more of the above areas is not funded and gives an additional layer of stress to our lives.
This "elephant" can occupy a lot of time and energy that we need to do the work God has for us here.  
Pray with us as we connect with people to join our team.
Your gifts and partnership allow Todd to provide therapy and debriefing for overseas workers in crisis so that they can continue in their place of service overseas. He sees Bible translators from remote areas, church planters, people working with trafficking victims, as well as workers from Europe.  The counseling services provided are often the key factor in workers returning to their place of service. 
Debbie serves as an educational consultant in three areas: to expat families for the educational needs of their children, to theological schools, and to other educational ventures.  Recently she has been asked by a friend, who is a human rights lawyer, to help set up a training institute here for those working with trafficking victims.  Her friend has worked over 20 years in this field and teaches at a local university.  This institute would to seek to develop and implement best practices in a critical needs area.

Here are TWO and a HALF ANSWERS to prayer requests from our last email.

1. Answered!!  Repairs--Our plumbing problem is fixed.  YEAH!! Todd was able to connect with folks at City Hall in Kandern who came out to our home and brainstormed with Todd to find the source of the problem (Todd had one of their children in his youth group). While his time in Germany was very busy, Todd enjoyed connecting with many of the youth from his time as youth pastor. God provided help with our repairs from some of Todd's youth, from local friends, and from former Bible school students. We are so incredibly thankful for all who helped in so many ways.
2. Answered !!  Renters--We have long-term renters for our home!  Black Forest Academy has taken over our lease and the new renters should move in next week. There are very few places available to rent in the Kandern area and our place will be helpful to BFA as it will provide 2 apartments for housing. BFA will also monitor our house and find renters for us which will save us a lot of work and hassle. 
3. Almost Answered !! Tuition--We are so thankful for those who gave toward tuition for German school for our 4 kids. We still owe 1500 Euro for the fall.
4. Keep praying !! Resources--Pray that our deficit and monthly support needs would be met so we can focus on the work God has for us here. 

More answers to prayer: 
1. Ian and Joya had a great time in Canada serving at Whispering Pines Camp in Elkwater.  Ian is now in online school (11th) and Joya is enrolled full-time at Grace International School (9th).  
2. Seth (8th), Mercy (6th), Levi (4th), Gracelyn (2nd) are back in German school. Todd is part of the parent's advisory council and also speaks occasionally in chapel.  We are so thankful for the gifts that were given toward their tuition. 
3. We found a church (Safari Church) where we feel at home. Todd and I have been asked to serve in the leadership team and Todd has already preached a number of times. Joya is in the worship team and Seth is helping with the younger kids.  It meets in a zoo and we love walking by the giraffes and other animals on our way to the service--feels like we are in the Garden of Eden. 
4. It is wonderful to have Tyler here this summer. He is learning 4 Thai Lan Na instruments--watch him play one here, studying Thai (he learned all the letters, tones, vowels and now can read simple texts), meeting with 2 professors from the music school and researching how Lan Na music is being preserved in Chiang Mai today.  
5. Todd starts his year internship on Monday and his final class which goes 8 weeks.  Debbie has someone to edit her dissertation and the plan is to finish this fall.  We want to throw a BIG PARTY (hopefully before Christmas) to celebrate both of us finishing school and our 25th wedding anniversary. 
6. Pictures below: Seth celebrating his 14th birthday, Mercy celebrated her 11th birthday on the first day of school, Ian and Joya dressed up to attend a wedding in Calgary before they flew back to Chiang Mai, Tyler stole my phone and changed my screen saver, Tyler's Thai homework (writing out all consonants in alphabetical order and writing their groups)--I am still learning the letters. :)  
Todd & Debbie,
Tyler, Ian, Joya, Seth, Mercy, Levi, and Gracelyn Kramlich
We also have a phone number in Thailand but pay to receive int'l calls, so skype is preferable to contact us.  
From America: 011-66-53-131-296
From Europe: (66) 53-131-296
Skype name: toddkramlich  debbiekramlich 


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