Welcome to the December 2012 CBT Dublin Newsletter.

Welcome to CBT Dublin December 2012 Newsletter

Featuring articles on  managing Christmas pressure, new friends and seasonal time out.

Managing Christmas Pressures

Manage expectations

Manage your expectations of Christmas by focussing on the here and now, not Christmas past or Christmas 'should be's'.  The most important thing is for you to relax and have fun. Cap spending to realistic figures and focus on adding value by being fun to be around instead of how much you spent on presents.  When plans or timings go awry focus on solutions or alternatives, burnt Christmas turkey is a small issue (unless you own a restaurant and have paying guests), back up plans are great to have and can keep you relaxed.

Don’t try and do everything

If you are responsible for cooking on Christmas Day, delegate to visiting people to get them to bring different parts of the meal – ask for help and forewarn delegated people (including children) so they know what you expect of them on the day.  Make sure you have time out to have fun and relax, as it is your Christmas day too.

Eat and drink in moderation

Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and try to alternate soft drinks or water with alcoholic ones. Fatty foods are great for lining the stomach before drinking alcohol, walnuts and avocado's are particularly useful as well as cooked fatty foods.

Keep exercising

A brisk walk, dancing or swimming will help you feel good during and after Christmas. Particularly if you are the same weight after Christmas than you were before.


Sleeping is the time when our bodies recover from rich foods and alcohol. Make sure you get quality sleep – even if it is just a few hours. Post Turkey is a great time for a nap as it is a natural source of Tryptohpan - nature's sleep inducer.


Think about inviting others over who are in a similar situation as you.  Accept invitations to other festive events. Check out to see if there are any events on over Christmas for people to meet up and have fun.

Relaxation for December

Audio Books
I have been talking about these all year since discovering Audible back in January.  These great audio books are extremely relaxing as you can have a story read to you almost anywhere, it's like being a child all over again!  I started with 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' and got carried away to India for about a month while the narrator read me the story - a great pick me up in the cold winter days.  I also found it knocked me out quite quickly before going to sleep.  It's a great way to rest the eyes too if you are in front of a screen all day and evening.
Stress. sleep, procratination and managing Christmas Stress.Welcome to the first CBT Dublin Newsletter. Featuring articles on sleep, procratination and managing Christmas Stress.

Top 10 ways to make new friends and keep old ones

1. Be Interested in Other People

One of the best ways to attract friends is simply to care about the folks around you. When you meet new people, focus on finding out about them by asking questions.

2. Be Positive

Who doesn’t love someone that is upbeat? While we all have bad days, the people who can put on a brave face on are often the ones that have an easier time making friends.

3. Don't Gossip

Don’t talk about people behind their backs it gives a really bad impression to new people and you never know who they know.  This applies to secret's, keeping secrets is a rule not to be broken as once trust is broken it's hard to fix.

4. Be a Tourist In Your Town

Pretend you’re new to town and visit the sites your city has to offer. While you are out on, say, a walking tour or other "touristy" type of event, you'll be surprised at how many new people you'll meet. 

5. Bond With Coworkers

Get to know your coworkers. Making friends at work can take some time, but you already have some things in common to get the ball rolling.

6. Argue In a Healthy Way

Learn the art of arguing in a polite way not an aggressive way.  The better you are at expressing your concerns without damaging your friendship, the easier time you'll have at keeping great friends in your life.

7. Be Proactive About Helping Friends

Be ready to help friends when they need it and reach out before your friend asks you for help.

8. Talk to the People You Meet

Make an effort to talk to at least three people each day. Each interaction is a potential building block to friendship.

9. Seek out new friends that are also looking for friends

My favourite site for this is that actively has hundreds of different activities aimed at people looking to make friends or for those whose friends don't want to do that particular activity.

10. Be Genuinely Happy For Your Friends

Don't be competitive. Celebrate and applaud your friends achievements as if they were your own.



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